Friday, December 5, 2008

Sanition Department DHR 12/09/08



Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan 12-09-08

Weekly Activities:


Begin the Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Washed and serviced the vehicle's

Picked up and delivered cans to residents

Assisted Street Department with back hoe cleaning ditch on 10th and Garland and installing culvert

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Corner Market, Perry Street Market



Begin the trash route at 4:00am

Mechanic went to Memphis to pick up parts for unit 30 and unit 27

Continued to assist Street Department at 10th and Garland

Picked up boxes at Hoffinger,Juengel's and Dollar General



Begin trash route at 4:00am

Replaced resevoir on unit 27 and installed new rubber stops on unit 30

Picked up boxes at Twin City Liqour, Sears and JF Whal

Continued to clean ditch on 10th and Garland


Begin trash route at 4:00am

Serviced back hoe before going back to 10th and Garland

Picked up boxes at Dollar General, Corner Market and Perry Street Market




Begin trash route at 4:00am

Repaired cart tipper on unit 29

Cleaned unit 27 after the route for Christmas Parade

Completed the ditch on 10th and Garland

Continued the demolition on North Beech



Follow up Activities

Continuing to check the Market for paper prices

Winter maintenance procedures for all equipment and vehicle's


Future Weekly Activities

Working with ADEQ to obtain final results of waste analysis


Staff Concerns

Two employees still out on Workers Comp, one part-time employee has returned to work





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