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Weekly Code Enforcement Report

December 19, 2008

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

December 12 – December 26, 2008


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                 December 29, 2008

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities 12/12/08 – 12/26/08



·        Sent fax to Clayton of See Co. Advertising (501) 907-9972

o       Sign Ordinance

·        503 Biscoe St.  John Palmer requested quote- referred to Victor

·        Completed Comparative analysis of dog ordinances

o       Pending Meeting with Mayor Valley to discuss results

·        Emailed Vic regarding the status of these properties- Awaiting response

o       Old Little Rock Rd.-Blanca Diaz

o       1023 College- Marva Bobo

o       1302 Cherry St.- Canlas Corazon


Complaints By Citizens


·        Springdale Apt-Allen Harpo-

o        Regarding Vehicle ordinance and covered vehicles

o       Drug activity in 927 Walnut

·        207 S 6th St.- Dogs running in and out of house-



Cited Vehicle


·        532 Porter St. – Olds Regency Gray VIN 1G3XS4C9143D3978 LIC 783MLE

·        207 Jefferson St. Dodge Intrepid Burgundy

o       LIC. 074NLM VIN 1B3HD46T4SF519442

·        404 Helen St.

o       Caprice Classic No VIN No LIC;

o       Izuzu Rodeo No VIN No LIC

o       Chevy Nova VIN KLZTN5468NB313421

·        203 Jordan St. –Pending Removal

o       Ford Explore- Blue 4Dr. No Vin No Lic.- Towed

o       Dodge Omni Red VIN I83BL806KY31266; NO LIC- Towed

·        123 Jordan St.- Resolved- Moved vehicles

o       Ford Ranch- Two Tone Red'White NO VIN; NO LIC

o       Dodge Rambler Blue 4Dr. NO VIN; NO LIC

·        115 Jordan St.- Pending Removal

o       Datsun 2Dr. Crimson VIN JN1R90635DW008630; LIC 040EKE

o       Dodge 2Dr. Two Tone Red/White VIN 3B4CD12T4HM701307; NO LIC

o       Continental Burgundy VIN 1LNLM9842KY746852; NO LIC

o       Toyota Camry Burgundy NO VIN; NO LIC

·        110 Jordan St.- Pending Removal- Extension – Review 12/22/08

o       Olds Cutless Ciera Burgundy VIN 1G3AL54N3N6389459; LIC 922LXL

o       Two Tone Gray/Tan- NO VIN; LIC 929JFB

o       Honda Accord White 4Dr VIN 1HGCA5623K056089; NO LIC



Mailed Postcards


·        none



·        None



·        None

Letters mailed


·        824 Franklin- Vernie Felix

·        1717 Holly St. Larry Delk

·        301 E. Garland Ave.- Louis Bailey - Extension


Lots with piles of debris


·        141 Center St.

·        138 S. 6th St.

·        727 Pecan St.

·        462 Washington St.

·        207 S. Sam St.

·        Jane St. –200 Block

·        58 Lincoln Ct.

·        800Blk Cherry St

·        100Blk E. Park St

·        1030 Arkansas St.


Approved Condemned House List-


·        None


Pending Condemned House List


·        1429 Holly St. – Carolyn Lockridge,

·        717 Bennet- Steve Moots                                                                                         

·        238 N 7th St.- Robert Lewis

·        909 College St.- Delta Redevelopment Corp of America

·        1503 Franklin St.- Mary Huhnke

·        200 S. Sam St.- JB King

·        837 Alabama St. – Tonya Lee

·        315 S 6th St.- Esselene Meiers

·        1510 Holly St.- Melvin Wright

·        314 Hernando- Daphne Anderson

·        1128 Beech St.- Webster Ovie & Dorothy

·        731 Aaron St.- Warner Helen Barrow

·        1513/1517 Franklin – Garland Ridenour

·        401/403/405/407 Missouri St.- Alex Childs Jr.

·        510 Valley Dr David Braggs


Citation or Affidavit Issued


·        none


Future Weekly Activities


·        Get condemnation listing from Daily World

·        Locate all city property

·        Call North Little Rock Attorney regarding nuisance abatement program

·        DHHS- Ask about person that issues daycare permits

·        Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures

·        Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners on overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.

·        More Focus on Vehicles out of compliance

·        More Focus on getting pictures before and after city does work on private property.

·        More Focus on Property Owners cutting property to street to include drain ditch

·        Focus on liens on property for outstanding Invoices

·        Adopt International Property and Zoning Codes

·        Planning Commission Meeting- December 10, 2008 –Pending

·        Council Meeting- December 22, 2008

·        Planning Commission Training- Hot Springs March 11,2009

·        EduCode Conference- Las Vegas February 23-27

·        Municipal League Conference- Little Rock January 14-16

·        Historic District Meeting list of Property owners to contact-Pending

o       810 Columbia- Ed & Verna Boyd

o       1321 College St.- Laura Ellenburg

o       522-528 Cherry St. -Dorothy Ellis of California



Follow-up Activities


·        Followed Up on various properties to close out files before end of year

o       Making progress


Staff Concerns


·              Property Maintenance & Zoning Testing –

·              Blue Prince Code Enforcement Software or iWorkQ Software

·              Training and Staffing

o       Testing Jan 9 2009- International property maintenance code test

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