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Sidney "Bubba" Alice -- Street Department Employee for HWH has passed away

The City Mourns the Loss of Sidney "Bubba" Alice

I am saddened to announce that Mr. Sidney "Bubba" Alice passed away last night at a hospital in Memphis, TN. Bubba was 56 years old and a resident of Helena-West Helena, AR. Bubba was an employee of the City of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. He worked general duties in our street department under the leadership of Mr. Oscar Hoskins, Street Department Supervisor. Bubba was hard worker; model in his performance. He showed up on time. He worked diligently. He stuck with us through tough times. He had a positive attitude and outlook on life. He was a leader among the men in the street department.

Bubba had come out to a fallen tree on the corner of Anderson and Kentucky streets on Tuesday night. Before the street department crew, including Bubba, Oscar, Earnest Womack and Calvin Allen, could begin to remove the fallen tree, Suddenlink Cable, A T & T Telephone, and Entergy (Lights) had to be contacted. Entergy showed up at the scene fairly quickly and had to shut off the power to the area to replace the broken power line.

After a few hours the power was restored and the street crew worked until past midnight cleaning up the tree.

Here's a slideshow of the photos taken at that scene:

Before 6:00 a.m. the next morning, Bubba was back at work. He was cleaning the sidewalks at the intersection of Perry and Columbia Streets. Bubba was apparently operating a blower when a car veered over and hit him as he worked. Bubba landed on the concrete sidewalk taking what proved to be a fatal blow to the head.

Police officers were immediately on the scene as they were already at the Perry Street Market. Help was called and arrived quickly. Pafford Ambulance Service called for Air Evac Helicopter service to come to the scene and transport Bubba to Memphis. Air Evac did not land at the Sav-A-Lot building or the First Baptist Church parking lot, instead it landed on the levee. Bubba was transported, about four blocks, to the levee by Pafford with a police escort and soon thereafter, he was taken to Memphis.

In Memphis, the family learned that Bubba's condition was not very good at all. The family was almost immediately faced with life changing difficult decisions. I mention this because I have seen this happen several times since I have been mayor. The hospital staff will ask you about DNR requests. DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. Choosing DNR could very well mean the end of life for the patient. This is a serious choice to be made. Being prepared to hear and, more importantly, answer that question is essential to healthcare management.

Bubba was an organ donor. That required some preparation by the hospital of Bubba and the recipient. Bubba was able to give his kidneys. Somebody lives now because Bubba donated his kidneys.

Bubba leaves to mourn his passing: his wife, a daugther, a son, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and many other family members, friends, neighbors and well wishers.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The family has requested prayers at this time. I will keep you updated as I received additional information.

Mayor Valley's Announcement on Bubba Alice

Weekly Code Enforcement Report

Weekly Department Report Summary
June 16-20, 2008
Department: Code Enforcement
Date: June 20, 2008
Prepared by: PH Allen & J McIntosh

Weekly Activities

  • Contacted ARVEST Bank regarding 645 Seminole
  • Reorganized Files
  • 922 Ohio St- Contacted about placing a mobile home in vacant lot
  • Spoke with C.R Walker about cleaning Property on Ashlar and Bonanza
    • Supplied reference materials and advised to address City Council.
  • 414 Franklin St.-Lena Price- Emailed Pictures & list of Lawn Care Providers
  • Inspected House on N Sam-
  • Housing Authority-105 Stratton Dr
    •  Mr. Moss stated that they don't cut outside Iron Fence
  • Ordered Training materials for Code Certification Course
  • Running Chapter 5 Notice on Channel 12 ( Sudden link)
  • Contacted Fayetteville Code Officer- Chad Ball
    • Joined The Arkansas Code Enforcement Council

Addressed complaint

o       1015 Perry- Bruce Hudson-Tree in City drainage channel
o       23 Lincoln Ct. –Compliant about overgrown lot
o       813 South St- Ms Olive Jefferson
o       Lot 27 Water Resub-West Acres- 344 Clear view
o       Complaint about Drinking at 1Plaza St. Refer to HWHPD
o       Nixon St- Daniel Carter- People riding over ditch on ATV
o       701 Thomas St. -Waddell Realty Maintenance Of Property
o       166 Westwood PL- House is open and vacant- Informed Lewis O'Neal
o       344 S 5th -Busted sewer pipe. - Contacting Landlord-GMA
o       Rosie Churchhill –236Westwood- Septic Tank hole in backyard- Unresolved
    • Pat Kelly's Trailer Park- (Spoke with Attorney Valley about Code Enforcement authority in regards to properties located in the county) Unresolved

Addressed Fire Dept Complaints

      • None

Addressed Water Dept Complaints-

    • 208 S. 6th St. –Water leak in facet- contact owner pending- Resolved
    • 608 Plaza- Ms. Rogers informed Landlord of leak and was told as soon as it dries up it will be fixed Mr. Knowlton will be fixing problem at earliest convenience provided we have dry weather- Unresolved
      • Issued Letter- Spoke with Church Representative- We instructed tenant to stop using washer to allow property to dry and allow plumber to find the leak.
      • Spoke with Tenant and will stop washing this week to allow time for ground to dry
      • Spoke with tenant she has stopped using washer and is still waiting for landlord to send plumber
        • Unresolved as yet- Tenant waiting for plumber to fix problem- Waddell contacted stated he would look into it.
        • Spoke with Ineal Knowlton about problem he stated that tenant has not stopped using water and that he cannot get under house.
        • RESOLVED
Addressed Street/Sanitation Dept.
        • Reference: Past reports
        • Johnson Studios Requesting Quote to demolish home next to studio- Referred to Victor

Cited Property for overgrown lots or lawns

·        519 Beech St- Unresolved- Owner Deceased- Referring to Oscar
·        820 Poplar St- Unresolved- Contacted and said will take care of lawn
·        816/818 Poplar St. Resolved
·        527 Beech St- Unresolved
·        403 N. Baringo St.-Unresolved
·        521 St. Jean St.-Foreclosure in progress- Unresolved-Referred to Oscar to maintain lawn and billing responsible party
·        32 Parkdale St.- Pending making progress- Unresolved
·        400 Cleburne- Joseph Glassco- Referred to Oscar to Maintain
                                                                                                                                                                   &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               &nbs p;                       

Cited Property with debris or trash piles

    • 402 W Russell- Referred Don Coats to licensed lawn care services.
    • 250 N. Sebastian- Unresolved-
      • Sent 3rd Notice Letter
      • Spoke with Mr. Patton- Said he will comply when he is ready
      •  Issued Citation-by HWHPD- See Ms Poole
      • Mr. Patton has boarded up fence area; but still needs to clean around back and side.

Cited House

o       501 Ladino St – J & S GRO & DELI-
o       426 Bonanza St – C R Walker
o       528 Bonanza St- James Gordon
    • 1238 Poplar St- Tagged, Pictured, Notified-Desire to donate property
      • Given a quote to demolish for $1200.00
      • Desiring a contract for city to start. -Resolved
    • 122 Walker St.-Tagged, Pictured, Notified- Requested Extension via letter
    • 206 Beech St. Tagged, Pictured-Notified- Unresolved
      • Spoke with Ms. Bynum of Independent Mortgage
      • Property Burned Down- Contacting Owner about Cleanup
        • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 214 Beech St- Tagged, Pictured –Notice Burned Contacting Owner about Cleanup- Unresolved- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 216 Beech St- Tagged Pictured, Notified-Unresolved
      • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 104 Short Ohio St- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 150 S Ashlar St.- Tagged, Pictured, & Notified- Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Requested an extension
      • CR Walker will be repairing property given
    • 327 N. 9th St – Tagged & Pictured- Notified- Unresolved
      •  Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Property needs lawn area cleaned –
      • Cleaning property presently
    • 102 Richmond Hill Dr.- Tagged, Pictured & Notified.
      • Requesting extension to do repairs
      • Pending Second Notice to be sent
Cited Vehicles-Resolved
o       334 South 5th St
§         White Car- 2 door
·        VIN 1C3AM47F8BR415057
o       60 Lincoln Ct
§         Dodge Ram 500 White Truck
·        VIN JB7FLZ5EOKP019465; LIC. 887BBL
§         Olds Delta 88- White 4 door
·        VIN 1G8HY54COJ1828168; LIC. 141KGZ
o       69 Lincoln Ct
§         Hyundai Accent- Gray 2 door
·         VIN KMHVD14N3TU151512
List Of Condemned Properties Pending submission to Planning Commission
Submitted Packet to Attorney Andre-
    • Reference: Past Reports

Mailed certified letters to property owners on severely dilapidated structures

    • Reference: Past Reports
Mailed Regular letters to property owners regarding city's concerns
·        Issuing 3rd Notice
      • 23 Lincoln Ct-
      • 314 Hernando St-
      • 1433 Perry St-
      • 21 Lincoln Ct-
      • 1417 Cherry St- Sent landlord and tenant notice- Unresolved-
        • Ord 05.12.01 and Ord26-2006-Mr Fox contacting tenant regarding violations
      • Tenant has removed Unapproved structure and vehicles and covered remaining vehicles
      • 432 West St- Reminder to continue clean up-

Mailed Regular postcards to property owners regarding city's concerns

·        Lot 22 Delta Cleaners- Carolyn Sparks
·        Lot 27 West Acres Subdivision
·        Lot 76 & 77 Southpark- LT Sims
·        901 Plaza St- Steven Stewart
·        620 St. Regis St- Brenda Stewart
·        Lot PT 267 Old Helena- Maxine Miller

Addressed complaint from concerned citizen

    • 238 S. Ashlar St- Lori Mosby-
      • Property burned down contacting Owner-about clean up- Unresolved
o       144 Military Rd- Grass 2-3feet tall needs cutting- Referred to Oscar- Unresolved
o       Spoke with Oscar about cutting those lots that are in litigation or that have deceased ownership
    • 219 N.10th – Garbage attracting pest-Pictured- Unresolved
      • Continue to receive complaints about pest and trash0
o       Issuing 1st Notice

Outstanding invoices in January will be sent a 3rd notice this week

o       Reference: Past reports

Submitted to Andre for collection

o       Reference: Past reports
Outstanding invoices in February will be sent a 3rd notice this week
    • Reference: Past reports
Outstanding invoices in March will be sent a 2nd notice this week
·        Reference: Past reports

Outstanding invoices in April

o       Reference: Past reports

Outstanding invoices in June

o       Water Lumber Co-
·        Lot 134 & 135 Merrylamd Sub-$341.00
Current Contracts
o       Reference: Past reports
o       1238 Poplar-Terry Leslie- New Contract to demolish property- Paid $600
Submitted Ticket Citations to HWHPD
  • Annie Blue
    • 148 Anderson St
  • Dusty Patton
    • 250 N. Sebastian St
Special Weekly Activities
·        City Council Meeting –June 24, 2008
·        Historic District Committee Meeting- June 26,2008; 5:30pm
·        Municipal League Conference- Hot Springs- June 18-20, 2008
        • Joshua McIntosh Attended
Future Weekly Activities:
    • 2008 Annual Conference- Oct 29-31, 2008
    • Arkansas Code Enforcement Council Meeting –Sept 10, 2008
o       Court on June 27-Dusty Patton Case; Annie Blue
Staff Concerns;
·        Air Conditioning not working in vehicles
o       Sent to City Shops See TA
·        More Training-
Vehicle Gas Log;
·        Chevy Impala
·        13.gals-$52.00
Mail Log;
·        Current Totals-     $1032.84
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choler: Word of the Day Word of the Day

101 Questions Answered!
What is Hezbollah? What are stem cells?
How'd those swimsuits get so skimpy?

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Word of the Day for Saturday, June 21, 2008

choler \KOLL-ur; KOLE-ur\, noun:

Irritation of the passions; anger; wrath.

And at last he seems to have found his proper subject: one that genuinely engages his intellect, truly arouses his characteristic choler and fills him with zest.
-- "Black Humor': Could Be Funnier", New York Times, January 12, 1998
I found my choler rising.
-- Samuel Richardson, A Collection of the Moral and Instructive Sentiments... in the Histories of Pamela, Clarissa, and Sir Charles Grandison

Choler is from Latin cholera, a bilious disease, from Greek kholera, from khole, bile. Entry and Pronunciation for choler

101 Questions Answered!
What is Hezbollah? What are stem cells?
How'd those swimsuits get so skimpy?

Click here for the KnowledgeNews answers

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - June 23, 2008

We've started a YouTube page. Find it here:

NEW: 2008 NATIONAL TRAILS SYMPOSIUM: NOVEMBER 15-18, LITTLE ROCK more at <> (good place for Rails to Trails information)

Topic: main to Main (how can we replicate this in ar?)
Speaker: leon Steele, main to main coordinator, louisiana main street
this topic has been requested by nearly all of our executive directors after last year's destination downtown conference



October 20-21 - Artlinks 2008: The Value of the Arts in the 21st-Century, Little Rock

Here's a link to an important quote I hope you all will use when telling people why the work we do is important:

HP sites revitalizing downtown as one reason they located to Conway

while Conway is no longer a Main Street program (they were until approximately 2000) we applaud them for their efforts

Main Street Arkansas Calendar June 23-27, 2008
Cary – annual leave, all week
Caroline – Preservation Leadership Training, all week
MONDAY Nancy, annual
TUESDAY Greg & Susan, Jonesboro
WEDNESDAY Greg & Susan, Walnut Ridge & Rector

Batesville Press
El Dorado Press
DeWitt Press
SoMa Press
Light Rail, the UACDC & NW Arkansas
Citizens or Customers?
Downtown Kansas City
Tour the State with a Gas Rebate
What the National Register Really Means
Be A Top 20 Event as Ranked by the SE Tourism Society

Major Gifts: Finding the Perfect Donors

Good Downtown Batesville Press:

Good El Dorado Window Display Workshop Press:

CBS News Story of the El Dorado Promise

DeWitt ADN Press:

SoMa Press:

University of Arkansas's Community Design Center Recognized for Study Encouraging Light Rail in NW Arkansas

- side note: I agree that light rail is not just needed, but necessary in both NW & Central AR. Costly now, yes, but more costly not to act, IMHO. Additionally, light rail would be a boon to our downtowns & other dense areas.

Do We Want To Be Citizens or Customers?

interview with Joseph Rykwert, architectural historian & author (though I think he means Truman Show, not Truman Papers)

Downtown Kansas City

Here's an interesting series of articles from the Kansas City Star last month. It's a look at how much progress the downtown area has made in recent years and, intriguingly, a "report card" on specific elements of the turnaround. The report card is worth some time examining. Could it be used in other places to measure progress?

We don't have to tell you about the high cost of gasoline. Today in Arkansas, unleaded fuel is averaging $3.89 per gallon.
Certainly, high gas prices are having an impact on the state's tourism economy – both good and bad. In one respect, those who might travel out of state are staying closer to home, but the opposite is true, too.
To encourage more in-state tourism, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism said Tuesday that travelers to certain destinations within the state can receive gas rebates through the state's tourism web site, <> . Look under the tab that reads "gas rebates/offers" to view a full selection of businesses offering gas discounts.
The deals vary by location and include other incentives, too. For instance, you could get 10 gallons of gas at The Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, or take $35 off a night's stay at one of the local luxury cabins through the end of the month.

Hotels in Little Rock and Rogers are offering gas cards of $20 or more if you book a reservation with them. Arsenic and Old Lace Bed & Breakfast Inn in Eureka Springs is offering $15 towards a room stay with a reservation of two or more nights through July 31.

If you're a business wanting to participate in the incentive program, Parks and Tourism officials say a simple contact with the agency will get the process started.
Here's more on the subject from our content partner, the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas.

What Listing on the National Register of Historic Places Really Means

Top 20 Events by the Southeast Tourism Society

Since 1985, the Southeast Tourism Society has published the Top 20 Events publication. Through a nomination process, the society chooses the Top 20 events going on in the Southeast for each month of the year, and publishes this list of winners quarterly. This publication is sent to over 300 newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, and others, as well as 125 AAA publications. The combined circulation runs into the millions. Current Top 20 Events are listed online at

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is a member of the Southeast Tourism Society. As a result, festivals and events in Arkansas may be submitted for the Top 20 Events publication, if they meet the following requirements set forth by the Southeast Tourism Society:

* 1,000 in attendance
* 3rd year in existence
* Payment of $10 nomination fee per event

Top 20 Events strongly encourages you to strengthen your nomination by providing supporting material such as:

* Photos
* Posters
* Brochures
* Press Releases
* News Clippings
* Volunteer Programs

Deadlines for Applications:

Event Occurring In: Submit by:

January/February/March 2009 July 11, 2008

April/May/June 2009 October 10, 2008

July/August/September 2009 January 9, 2009

October/November/December 2009 April 10, 2009

January/February/March 2010 July 10, 2009

April/May/June 2010 October 9, 2009

July/August/September 2010 January 8, 2010

October/November/December 2010 April 9, 2010

If you would like to nominate your event, contact the Tourism Development Section at (501) 682-5240 or e-mail <> .

Major Gifts: Finding the Perfect Donors

Presenter: Julie Goebl

Date: Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Location: Arkansas Community Foundation – Union Station
1400 W Markham, Ste 206, Little Rock, AR 72201
Cost: No Fee to Attend
To register: Go to and fill out the registration form. RSVP Required! Space is Limited.
Questions: Contact Alaina Szlachta at 206-709-9400 ext. 132 or <>
Learn a tested system to identify and cultivate donors who love your mission—donors who will give for operations, capital, and endowment. Find out how to grow your organization's visibility in the community and engage your board in the fundraising process without requiring that they ask for money. This entry level workshop is designed for board members, executive directors, CEOs, and fund development professionals. By the end of this seminar you will have the fundamentals to embark on the path to sustainability and grow your major gifts programs year after year.
If you are unable to attend this session, please visit our Introductory Sessions Web page at for information about conference call opportunities and other live in-person sessions in your area.

Cary Tyson
Main Street Arkansas
Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
1500 Tower Building
323 Center Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

501.324.9186 voice
501.324.9184 fax

Visit our website at: <> Sign up for our free e-newsletter at: and check out our blog at: <> or visit our myspace page at <>

The mission of Main Street Arkansas is to be the leading resource for communities seeking to revitalize their historic downtown commercial districts and to provide technical assistance and expertise to designated Main Street Arkansas communities through the implementation of the National Trust's Main Street Center's comprehensive Four-Point Approach™. Main Street Arkansas is a preservation-based economic development program housed in the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

renascent: Word of the Day Word of the Day

You told us you wanted more and here it is!
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Word of the Day for Friday, June 20, 2008

renascent \rih-NAS-uhnt\, adjective:

Springing or rising again into being; showing renewed vigor.

Their goal: to give voters in theJune presidential elections a realistic choice between the rough-and-tumble reforms of President Boris Yeltsin and the Soviet-era nostalgia of Gennadi Zyuganov, leader of the renascent Russian Communist Party.
-- James O. Jackson, "Can Opposites Attract?", Time, May 13, 1996
In the wings a renascent conservative movement waited to make the most of that discontent.
-- Bruce J. Schulman, The Seventies
Shuichi Kato, a renowned leftist literary critic, was staunchly against the Vietnam War and is always alert for signs of renascent militarism in Japan.
-- James Fallows, "Japan: Let them Defend Themselves", The Atlantic, April 1989
Where are the new ideas upon which a renascent Toryism can build?
-- David Aaronovitch, "There's no setting for Hague's Tories at the nation's kitchen table", Independent, March 11, 1999
Rabbinical students saw themselves at the center of a renascent American Judaism, pioneers of a nationwide -- no, worldwide -- Jewish faith rooted in the best of the past and vigorous with contemporary innovations.
-- Chaim Potok, "Legitimate Voyeurism", Forward, November 4, 1994
Heading the pack of institutional investors were dedicated "emerging-market funds", set up specifically to reap high returns in renascent stock and bond markets.
-- "The miracle unmasked", The Economist, December 9, 1995

Renascent comes from Latin renascens, present participle of renasci, "to be born again," from re-, "again" + nasci, "to be born." Entry and Pronunciation for renascent

You told us you wanted more and here it is!
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