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Weekly Code Enforcement Report

Weekly Department Report Summary

June 23-27, 2008


Department: Code Enforcement

Date: June 27, 2008

Prepared by: PH Allen & J McIntosh


Weekly Activities

  • Contacted ARVEST Bank regarding 645 Seminole
  • Met with Ms Noble about property on Beech St.
    • Victor placed on Schedule to be torn down in 1st week of July after Pecan property, Jefferson Property and Poplar Property
  • Notified United Methodist Church of Overgrown Lots
    • 4th St Unplatted next to 504 4th St
    • 520 St Jean- Overgrown Tree
    • Giving Information Packet to Andre for Owner Contact
  • Faxed Condemnation list of Oct 23 2007 and Chap 5 Ordinance- Michael Boone
  • Reconstructed Zoning Map for Helena and West Helena
  • Sarah Smith- Desire to open business in residential area referred to Planning Commission
  • 220 N. 10th St Contacted- Travis Family- Pending Follow Up
    •  Garbage attracting pest-Pictured- Unresolved
      • Continue to receive complaints about pest and trash0

o       Issuing 1st Notice

  • Spoke with C.R Walker about cleaning Property on Ashlar and Bonanza- Unresolved
  • 414 Franklin St.-Lena Price- Emailed Pictures & list of Lawn Care Providers
  • Housing Authority-105 Stratton Dr- Grass has been sprayed- Pending follow up
  • Running Chapter 5 Notice on Channel 12 ( Sudden link)


Addressed complaint

o       1015 Perry- Bruce Hudson-Tree in City drainage channel

§         Referred to Womack-Unresolved

o       23 Lincoln Ct. –Compliant about overgrown lot-Aline Cannon Referred to lawn care providers

o       813 South St- Ms Olive Jefferson

o       James Brown-West St- Overgrown lot of 434 West St

o       513 West Park St- Overgrown Lot

o       Received numerous complaints of property on McDonough, Walker & College St.

o       Wilson Rogers- Lot 8 Block 2- Overgrown Lot

o       Nixon St- Daniel Carter- People riding over ditch on ATV-Contacted Sheriff's Department- Informed it is a police matter- Referred to WHWPD

o       701 Thomas St. -Waddell Realty Maintenance Of Property- Pending Follow-up

o       166 Westwood PL- House is open and vacant- Informed Lewis O'Neal-Pending Follow-Up

o       Rosie Churchhill –236Westwood- Septic Tank hole in backyard- Unresolved

    • Pat Kelly's Trailer Park- (Spoke with Attorney Valley about Code Enforcement authority in regards to properties located in the county) Unresolved


Addressed Fire Dept Complaints

      • None


Addressed Water Dept Complaints-

    • 208 S. 6th St. –Water leak in facet- contact owner pending-Unresolved


Addressed Street/Sanitation Dept.

·        Reference: Past reports

·        Johnson Studios Requesting Quote to demolish home next to studio- Referred to Victor- Awaiting Response


Cited Property for overgrown lots or lawns

·        519 Beech St- Unresolved- Owner Deceased- Referring to Oscar to cut-

·        820 Poplar St- Unresolved-

o       Contacted and said will take care of lawn- Pending 2nd Notice

·        527 Beech St- Unresolved

·        403 N. Baringo St.-Unresolved

·        521 St. Jean St.-Foreclosure in progress- Unresolved-Referred to Oscar to maintain lawn and billing responsible party

·        32 Parkdale St.- Pending making progress- Unresolved

·        400 Cleburne- Joseph Glassco- Referred to Oscar to Maintain

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                

Cited Property with debris or trash piles

    • 402 W Russell- Referred Don Coats to licensed lawn care services.
    • See past reports

Cited House

o       501 Ladino St – J & S GRO & DELI-

o       426 Bonanza St – C R Walker

o       528 Bonanza St- James Gordon –Tagged, Pictured, Notified- Unresolved

    • 122 Walker St.-Tagged, Pictured, Notified- Requested Extension via letter
    • 206 Beech St. Tagged, Pictured-Notified- Unresolved
      • Spoke with Ms. Bynum of Independent Mortgage
      • Property Burned Down- Contacting Owner about Cleanup
        • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 214 Beech St- Tagged, Pictured –Notice Burned Contacting Owner about Cleanup- Unresolved- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 216 Beech St- Tagged Pictured, Notified-Unresolved
      • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 104 Short Ohio St- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 150 S Ashlar St.- Tagged, Pictured, & Notified- Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Requested an extension
      • CR Walker will be repairing property given
    • 327 N. 9th St – Tagged & Pictured- Notified- Unresolved
      •  Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Property needs lawn area cleaned –
      • Cleaning property presently
    • 102 Richmond Hill Dr.- Tagged, Pictured & Notified.
      • Requesting extension to do repairs
      • Pending Second Notice to be sent

Cited Vehicles-


List Of Condemned Properties Pending submission to Planning Commission

Submitted Packet to Attorney Andre-

    • Reference: Past Reports
    • 314 Hernando St-
    • 1433 Perry St-


Mailed certified letters to property owners on severely dilapidated structures

    • Reference: Past Reports
    • 313 Miller St- Jones & Boughton
    • 238 S Ashlar St.- Lori Mosby
    • 23 Lincoln Ct- Bernard Scoggins- Mail Returned
    • 420 Columbia St- Victor Portis
      • Received Phone Call will correct problem


Mailed Regular letters to property owners regarding city's concerns

·        Issuing 3rd Notice

      • 23 Lincoln Ct-
      • 21 Lincoln Ct-
      • 1417 Cherry St- Sent landlord and tenant notice- Unresolved-
        • Ord 05.12.01 and Ord26-2006-Mr Fox contacting tenant regarding violations
      • Tenant has removed Unapproved structure and vehicles and covered remaining vehicles
      • 432 West St- Reminder to continue clean up- Sent 3rd Notice


Mailed Regular postcards to property owners regarding city's concerns

·        Lot 22 Delta Cleaners- Carolyn Sparks

·        Lot 18 Cherry Dale Sub – 225 Cherrydale – Henry Jordan

·        Lot 9 Block 30 – 313 S 6th St.- Robbie Boss


·        Block 74

o       Lot 11 – 133 S Coanza – Robert M Quick

o       Lot 13 – Johnny Lee

·        Block 66

o       Lot 3– 1307 Cherry St- Truman Rice

o       319 Hwy 49 (Quick Stop) - West Helena Minority Real Estate

·        Lots On Sears Lane- H W Bryant Subdivision

o       Lot PT 43 & 44 & 45 – Richard Boyd

o       Lot 19 – Word of Deliverance Church

o       Lot PT 50 – Henrietta Lewis

o       Lot 49 – Henry Banks

o       Lot17, 18 22 – Garland Ridenour

o       Lot 14 – Mamie Bell

o       Lot 12 – Allen Buckner

o       Lot PT 50 – James Thomas

·        137 S 5th St- Linda White

·        434 West St - George Hudson Jr.

·        Lot 2 Block 64- Sublime Investments

·        Lot 14 Block 71- Jannette Hardman

·        Lot 16 Block 64- Palm Bay Atlantic Corp

·        Lot 8 Block 2 Pillow Addition- Rogers Wilson

·        141 & 143 Anderson St. Lot 42 Block S- Jamie Woods

·        Lot 157 Merry land Sub- Chris Dimeglio

·        513 South ridge Dr

·        Lot 4 Block 29 Midland Heights Sub- ABCO Investments

·        Lot 27 West Acres Subdivision- Pending Review

·        Lot 76 & 77 Southpark- LT Sims- Pending Review

·        901 Plaza St- Steven Stewart-Pending 2nd Notice

·        620 St. Regis St- Brenda Stewart- Review

·        Lot PT 267 Old Helena- Maxine Miller- Pending Review


Addressed complaint from concerned citizen

·        157 Merry land Sub- Overgrown lot

    • 238 S. Ashlar St- Lori Mosby-
      • Property burned down contacting Owner-about clean up- Unresolved

o       144 Military Rd- Grass 2-3feet tall needs cutting- Referred to Oscar- Unresolved

o       Spoke with Oscar about cutting those lots that are in litigation or that have deceased ownership


Outstanding invoices in January will be sent a 3rd notice this week

o       Reference: Past reports



Submitted to Andre for collection

o       Reference: Past reports

o        Will Be sending notice of Collection Referral to all 3 month past due Invoices- per new protocol


Outstanding invoices in February will be sent a 3rd notice this week

    • Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in March will be sent a 2nd notice this week

·        Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in April

o       Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in June

o       Water Lumber Co-

·        Lot 134 & 135 Merrylamd Sub-$341.00

Current Contracts

o       Reference: Past reports

o       928 Perry St.- Mary Wells- Per Victor


Submitted Ticket Citations to HWHPD

  • Annie Blue
    • 148 Anderson St
      • Review case on July 17
  • Dusty Patton
    • 250 N. Sebastian- Unresolved-
      • Sent 3rd Notice Letter
      • Spoke with Mr. Patton- Said he will comply when he is ready
      •  Issued Citation-by HWHPD- See Ms Poole
      • Mr. Patton has boarded up fence area; but still needs to clean around back and side.
      • Trial set for July 10th


Special Weekly Activities
  • Public Service Announcements
    • Airing on KJIW; KFFA,

·        City Council Meeting –June 24, 2008

·        Historic District Committee Meeting- July 24,2008; 5:30pm

·        Municipal League Conference- Hot Springs- June 18-20, 2008

        • Joshua McIntosh Attended





Future Weekly Activities:

    • 2008 Annual Conference- Oct 29-31, 2008
    • Arkansas Code Enforcement Council Meeting –Sept 10, 2008

o       Court on June 27-Dusty Patton Case; Annie Blue

o       Delta Bridge Goal Team Meeting- June 30, 2008

o       New Orleans Conference- July 10-13


Staff Concerns;

·        Air Conditioning not working in vehicles

o       Sent to City Shops See TA

·        Textbooks-Received

o       Legal Aspects of Code Administration

o       Basic Code Enforcement


Vehicle Gas Log;

·        Chevy Impala

·        16.5.gals-$66.00


Mail Log;

·        Current Totals-     $1032.84

·        25 X.27=         $6.75

·        04 X 5.50 =   $22.00

·        New Total-           $1061 .59


Warrant Requested By Ruby Burton Has Been Signed

June 27, 2008


Dear Friends,

I want to let you know that a judge from Arkansas County has signed a warrant against me. This drastic action came at the request of Ruby Burton of the Humane Society in Monticello and only after judges in Phillips and St. Francis Counties declined to issue a warrant. This matter grows out of an incident where some dogs were released. I have addressed this matter in an open letter which is available for reading at (Search for "open letter").

This is a highly unfortunate incident. No crime has been committed. I fully intend to continue to cooperate with law enforcement authorities during all phases as this matter unfolds. In the meantime, I will be working toward continuing the progress being made by the City of Helena-West Helena to improve the lives of the citizens in our community, which includes assisting in fundraising for a new animal shelter, fixing potholes, paving streets, and provide good effective municipal services. In the meantime, I will have no further public comment on this matter until the legal issues have been resolved. All questions regarding this matter are to be directed to the City Attorney's office.

Yours truly,


James F. Valley

Stay informed: (Recent Entries on Mayor's Journal)

Honorable James F. Valley
MAYOR - Helena West Helena
P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, 72342
870-572-3421 Phone
870-572-5034 Fax
870-817-4035 Cell

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-- Jonathan Coe, The House of Sleep
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Unfortunately, the result is a dense, mazy book, a book that instead of illuminating the artist's work only succeeds in erecting a pretentious literary scrim between it and the average reader.
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101 Questions Answered!
What is Hezbollah? What are stem cells?
How'd those swimsuits get so skimpy?

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Friday, June 27, 2008


Date_JUNE  30, 2008
Prepared by  KEN FRATESI
WEEK OF _06/14/08—06/26/08
Future Weekly Activities:
Follow Up Activities:
Staff Concerns/Issues: