Saturday, October 18, 2008

Main Street Arkansas Update - October 20-24, 2008

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Subject: Main Street Arkansas Update - October 20-24, 2008

Arkansas Community Development Society Conference – October 30, UCA, Conway, 8:30 – 3:30.  You can register here:

This day long conference will provide tools communities can use to develop economically viable and healthy communities capable of competing in the 21st Century global economy. 

- this is one of those ‘pre-approved’ trainings that will meet the continuing education needs of programs that have yet to finalize that portion of the national certification requirements


Main Street Arkansas Calendar October 20 - 25


Cary & Nancy – out all week at the National Trust/Main Street Coordinators Conference – Tulsa, OK

Greg – out all week on annual leave



MONDAY           Caroline – ArtLinks; Susan – out until 3:30

WEDNESDAY    Susan, Blytheville
THURSDAY        Susan, Blytheville





Rural Creative Class

Self Paced Microsoft Courses

After the Flood Video



At the Clinton School & a session of this week’s ArtLinks conference:

"The Rural Creative Class," with Tim Wojan, hosted with the Arkansas Arts Council
Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 10:45 a.m. (Statehouse CC, Wally Allen Ballroom)


National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

We the People Challenge Grants in United States History, Institutions, and Culture Grant


Free Self-Paced Microsoft Office Courses

by Timothy Lee, Associate Extension Specialist, UALR Lead Center

Microsoft offers a number of free self-paced training courses on their Office Online website. Course are available for both 2007 and 2003 product lines. Training is available for standard Office products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and also for more advanced products, such as, Project, Sharepoint Server, and Visio.

An Office Online RSS Feed is also available. The Office Online RSS Feed sends you training courses and video demos every other week. Then you pick and choose what you want to use.

To access Microsoft's free self-paced courses, visit:

You can now watch HPD's "After the Flood" video online


You can now watch "After the Flood: Rebuilding Communities Through Historic Preservation" online, courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting at  HPD produced this video after extensive flooding damaged historic properties in 1994 in southwest Georgia.


To obtain a free copy of the 20-minute VHS video-tape, please send your name, organization, and mailing address to or call 404-651-5268.





Cary Tyson


Main Street Arkansas

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

1500 Tower Building

323 Center Street

Little Rock, AR 72201


501.324.9186 voice

501.324.9184 fax


Visit our website at: Sign up for our free e-newsletter at:  and check out our blog at: or visit our myspace page at and befriend us on Facebook

Link to me at


The mission of Main Street Arkansas is to be the leading resource for communities seeking to revitalize their historic downtown commercial districts and to provide technical assistance and expertise to designated Main Street Arkansas communities through the implementation of the National Trust’s Main Street Center’s comprehensive Four-Point Approach™.   Main Street Arkansas is a preservation-based economic development program housed in the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. 


Help make the earth a greener place. If at all possible resist printing this email and join us in saving paper.


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Word of the Day for Saturday, October 18, 2008

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101 Questions Answered!
What is Hezbollah? What are stem cells?
How'd those swimsuits get so skimpy?

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Code Enforcement Report

October 17, 2008

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

October 13– October 17, 2008


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                 October 17, 2008

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities 10/13/08 – 10/17/08


·        Attended Planning commission meeting.  10-15-08

o       Kids for the Future request to place modular at 909 Pecan St.

o       Met with Andre and Belinda about modular.

·        1108 Porter St. property condemned Ordinance 18

o       Owner Pat Cole requesting that property not be torn down

·        Created proposed 2009 Budget

·        Department of labor class attended at 1pm

·        Traveled several streets of Helena and West Helena

·        Sara Smith – Contract Mooney Ave Lot 42 Hawkins Sub- PAID $250.00

o       Wants city to continue clean up before paying balance

·         Bernard Scoggins called about payment of citation.

·        John of January Environmental (863-512-0536) called regarding Water oil separator requirements for our city. Under review

·        Spoke with Attorney Eddie Schiffler regarding

o       West Helena Methodist Citation for 4th St. property

o       Indian Bay Property 1015 Franklin St- Lawn Care dispute should city cut ditch

o       Excessive number of dogs  at 1208 N 4th St.

·        132/134 Balwin- Dr Traylor report of Flooding in back yard- observed referred to Oscar

·        James & Barbara King

o       Lot 1 & 2 Block 42- Received letter regarding city cleaning lot

o       Received phone call- agreed to pay for lot when billed

·        Spoke to Oscar –instructed to cut lot

·        Has been cut; pending completion by Oscar


Complaints about Lawn Care


·        Eddie Phillips complaint about 1040 Arkansas St. concerned that tall grass possess a fire hazard and that building is unsafe.

·        308 Valley Dr- Lawn overgrown

·        1101 /1103 Perry St. Viewed and unable to determine violation

o       property needs clean up and maintenance


Cited Vehicle


·        None


Mailed Postcards


·        None



·        Chevy Impala- 10.6gal; $ 44.00


·        None

Letters mailed


·        None


Lots with piles of debris


·        141 Center St.

·        138 S. 6th St.

·        727 Pecan St.

·        462 Washington St.

·        207 S. Sam St.


Approved Condemned House List-Ordinance 18-2008


·        1108 Porter St.- Patricia Tipton & Brandon William


Pending Condemned House List


·        1429 Holly St. – Carolyn Lockridge, 1605 Holly St. Helena AR 723421

·        837 Alabama St. – Tonya Lee

·        315 S 6th St.- Esselene Meiers

·        1022/1024 Poplar St.- Ridge Charles and Wanda- Property Sent to State

·        645 Seminole – Rochridge Hannah-

·        1128 Beech St.- Webster Ovie & Dorothy

·        121 N 4th St.- Johnny Adams & Ruth Bigham

·        401/403/405/407 Missouri St.- Alex Childs Jr.

·        228/230 Ponotoc St.- Elliott Watson

·        Valley Dr

o       410-Dave Henderson St.

o       407-Noble Franklin

o       510-David Braggs


Citation Issued


·        None


Future Weekly Activities


·        Get condemnation listing from Daily World

·        Locate all city property

·        Call North Little Rock Attorney regarding nuisance abatement program

·        DHHS- Ask about person that issues daycare permits

·        Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures

·        Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners on overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.

·        More Focus on Vehicles out of compliance

·        More Focus on getting pictures before and after city does work on private property.

·        More Focus on Property Owners cutting property to street to include drain ditch

·        Planning Commission Meeting – October 15- Per Bernadette Messina

·        Focus on liens on property for outstanding Invoices


Follow-up Activities


·        Jane and Jordan St.


Staff Concerns


·              Property Maintenance & Zoning Testing –November 5, 2008

·              Blue Prince Code Enforcement Software-Getting pricing

·              Vehicles- Need new vehicles Marquis not working battery keeps dying

·              AACE Conference – Oct 28-31

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weekly report

Weekly Department Report



Department: Parks and Recreation


Date: October 17, 2008


Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell


Specifically Weekly Activities


  • .

October 12, 2008/ Sunday


October 13, 2008/Monday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • HWHCC staff sprayed little field and started to play big field in North Helena Park.
  • Oshea and Tracy departed from MEMI going to BWI.
  • Chan missed the flight from MEMI and stayed overnight in Memphis to catch the earliest flight out the following morning. 
  • Morning and Evening staff members complete daily HWHCC cleaning.
  • Ashlee Tyler and Nneka Nelson attended the drug class at 530pm
  • Adult volleyball was cancelled due to participant's absence.

October 14, 2008/Tuesday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • HWHCC staff completed the Big field in North Helena Park.
  • Morning and Evening staff members complete daily HWHCC cleaning.
  • HWHCC staff groomed and sprayed Solomon Playground.
  • HWHCC staff sprayed Sacred Heart, 10th street Park, and North Helena Park.  
  • Adult basketball League in HWHCC began at 6pm.
  • Weightlifting class begins at 5pm in the side room.
  • Chan's flight was pushed back to 730 am. 
  • Chan was pulled from an overbooked flight and had a lay-over in Atlanta for 8-10 hours
  • Chan finally arrives at BWI at 715pm. 

October 15, 2008/Wednesday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • HWHCC staff had the oil changed on the red truck.
  • Morning and Evening staff members complete daily HWHCC cleaning.
  • Daily cleaning of HWHCC done by morning and evening staff.
  • Taylor Wade attended the drug class at 530pm.
  • Tae Bo and Pilates class began in the side room at 6pm.
  • Tracy, O'Shea, and Chan visit the NRPA Congress and Exposition Exhibits.
  • Adults played volleyball from 7pm- about 9pm.

October 16, 2008/Thursday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • HWHCC Staff groomed Solomon Park, and finished cutting North Helena Park
  • Daily cleaning of HWHCC done by morning and evening staff.
  • Adult basketball League in HWHCC began at 6pm.

October 17, 2008/Friday

  • HWHCC staff groomed HWHCC and picked up trash.
  • HWHCC staff groomed 10th Street Park and Washington Street Park.
  • Daily cleaning of HWHCC done by morning and evening staff.
  • Morning staff completed daily cleaning at HWHCC for preparation for evening event.

Future Weekly Activities

  • HWHFD will conduct a Fire Extinguisher class at 4pm with the Tutorial students.
  • Adult Men's Basketball league will begin September 14th.  Teams will play on Sunday and Monday for approximately 6 weeks.   
  • September 19th Mid-Delta will distribute Commodities in the HWHCC.
  • September 29th the Notary Public will have a seminar in the HWHCC.

Follow-up Activities

·         Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park

·         HWHCC Staff is now accepting registration forms for Girl's Youth Basketball League. 

·         Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion

·         Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp

·         Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month

·         Coat hangers will be assembled next to the cubbies

Staff Concerns/ Issues

·         Car show and security

·         AC & Heater need to be repaired at the HWHMGC.

·         Rear siding on house needs repairs at HWHMGC

·         Cart Shed needs repairs at HWHGC.

·         HWHMGC needs security.

·         An officer from the HWHPD is needed at the HWHCC between the hours of 3pm-9pm Monday thru Thursday.

·         Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion

·         Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH

·         There is a pothole directly in front of 511 Miller Street that has caused some car to need minor maintenance. 

·         HWHCC Staff would like to solicit help with putting together a committee that organizes and plans tourism activities. 

·         The After-school Tutorial Program is trying to get ID Cards for the students who attend regularly.  This card will gain them access to more than just this program.

·         The outside workers have been on a 6am to 2pm work schedule due to the extreme heat

·         Tae Bo and Pilates classes need equipment and supplies to continue to be productive. 

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