Friday, January 30, 2009

DHR 2-2-09 Parks & Recreation

Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 2-2-2009

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 1-26-09

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Cleaned storage and removed chairs form room

Waxed and cleaned bathroom floors

After school tutorial 3:30-5:00p

Open play basketball adults

Tuesday 1-27-09

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Continue to wax bathroom floors

Begin to clean and wax game room area

Replace outlet covers @ HWHCC to pass inspection

Jim Riley worked on computers to remove viruses

Meeting with Together for Hope to set dates for summer swim camp July 11th-29th.

Tutorial 3:30-5:00p

Wednesday 1-28-09

Clean and wax kitchen floors

Send off registration for Arkansas Parks and Recreation Conference.

Order signs for Boys Basketball league registration

Cleaned and painted stove in kitchen.

Daily cleaning @HWHCC

Tutorial 3:30-5:00p

Volleyball 6:00p –Close

Thursday 1-29-09

Talked with Billy Amos about estimate on lighting @ Washington Street Park

Spoke with Lewis O'Neal about repairs to bathrooms in all parks.

Repair outside lighting @ Community Center and bring building in compliance for next building inspection.

Continue with registration on boys Basketball

Hung banner @ Community Center (Via HWHFD)

Daily cleaning at HWHCC

Tutorial 3:30-5:00p

Open play 6:30-close

Friday 1-30-09

Diabetic Clinic 10a-2p

Daily Cleaning @HWHCC

Security Lighting repaired on outside @ HWHCC (Via Billy Amos)

Awards for girl's basketball and coaches

Future Activities

  • Light out front need to be taped up.
    Need power outlet in Mrs. Tracy office behind stereo system.
    Cover need on switch in light room
    check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.
    Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.
    Evacuation plan needed by entrance door.
    Surge cover in men bathroom

  • Ground work @ Washington Street Park
  • Prune all trees at North Helena Park and Washington Street Park(Via Street department)
  • Repairs to bathrooms in all parks
  • Order score board for North Helena
  • Ground work for North Helena park on infield
  • Order pool tables and table tennis for game room
  • Order swings for parks and create fall surface for area.
  • Order truck and lawn mowers
  • Baseball and softball registration
  • Remove fence at Washington Street Park (Via Gamble Landscaping)
  • Gravel at Golf course (Via Street Department)
  • Arkansas Parks and Rec. Conference@ Paragould AR. (February 9-11)
  • 1.Parker
  • 2.Davis
  • 3.Tyler
  • 4. Carter

  • Burrell


Staff Issues and Concerns

Security in afternoon at Community Center

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