Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire Department Weekly DHR -1-12-2009

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Weekly Department Report

Department: Fire

Date:  1/9/09

Prepared by: Chief Reginald Wilson

Specific Weekly Activities:

East Side Runs:

No Runs on East Side

West Side Runs:

12/30/08-214 Nth 11th-Structure Fire

12/31/08-215 Jane St. (Trash Rubbish)

1/01/09-113 Navijo-Structure Fire

1/02/09-339 N. 3rd-Burned Electrical outlet

1/03/09-2426 Hwy 49-Alarm

1/03/09-124 N. 3rd-Grass Fire

1/04/09-137 Anderson-Public Service

1/06/09-617 Beechwood-Structure Fire

1/08/09-201 N. 1st-False Alarm

1/08/09-W. Russell & Sam-False Alarm

Future Activities

***Schedule Fire Inspections in Helena – West Helena

Follow Up Activities

***U.S.D.A. CF Grant Approved for the Fire Department

***U.S.D.A. CF Grant Submitted for Police Department

***USDA Inspections of Fire Dept. and Community Center Done  

Staff Concerns /Issues:

***2 Firefighters out on Military Leave

-Franklin Tyner

-Demarcus Foreman

***One Auxiliary Firefighter Being Added

-Demeon Starks

***3 Firefighters Attending the Arkansas Fire Academy Standard's Class January 4, 2009

-Tremain Lewis

-Marquis Johnson

-Demarcus Borum 


Fire Department Gas

F-1 1/5/0915.6F-45      15.6
F-2 1/5/0922F2      22
F-31/7/09 11K. Clemons     11
#51/8/0913.5 F45     13.5
#81/2/0914.1 P. Watson1/7/096.2R. Smith 1/8/0912.833.1
GAS CANS1/8/094.1 B. Hartsfield     4.1
TOTAL   99.3

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Honorable James F. Valley
MAYOR - Helena West Helena
P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, 72342
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