Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Word of the Day for Wednesday, January 21, 2009

qualitative \KWOL-i-tey-tiv\, adjective:

concerned with quality or qualities

Firstly, it was woefully underfunded. Secondly, by making testing the end-all be-all of educational performance, we ignored the more qualitative dimensions of education, which help a child expand and become a whole person.
-- Rep. Dennis Kucinich, The Washington Post, 2007-10-18
Many agencies are abandoning the painstaking analysis of reams of statistical information - called quantitative research - in favor of one-on-one and group interviews, or qualitative research.
-- Randall Rothenburg, New York Times, 1969-04-06

by 1607 from Latin qualitativus "concerned with quality" from classical Latin qualitas "quality" and -ive suffix. Entry and Pronunciation for qualitative

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