Friday, January 9, 2009





Weekly Activities:

Monday `12-29-08B

Begin Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Serviced trucks and equipment

Picked up boxes Sonic, Corner Market, Wendy's and Dollar Genera

Repaired mud flap on unit #27

Replaced dipstick on unit # 25

Tried to repair joystick on unit # 27



Begin regular route at 4:00 am

Worked on joystick on unit #27

Took mini track to Springdale Rd. and Hackberry to clean ditches

Replaced door handle on unit # 29

Wednesday 12-31-08

Begin trash route at 4:00am

Continued to pick up boxes from merchants, Juengel's, Hoffinger, Phillips College and Perry St. Market.

Repaired pump light on unit #25

Joystick for unit #25 was taken to Memphis for repair, when it was re-installed it would not work properly. Scruggs ordered new joystick.

Changed dirt bucket o backhoe

Holiday trash schedule was ran by skeleton Sanitation crew.


Monday 1-5-09

Ran Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Washed and serviced vehicles

Replaced adjustment spindle on unit #25

Both ladies from the box shop were on vacation, no boxes were picked up


Tuesday 1-6-09

Begin regular trash routes at 4:00am

Picked up boxes at Sears, Hoffinger, and Sonic

Dug footing for retainer wall in ditch on S.Washington St.

Picked up and delivered charts to local residents


Begin regular routes at 4:00am

Removed broken drive shaft from unit # 26, the mishap caused damage to the radiator as well.

Our mechanic went to Memphis to have a new shaft built at the Mack Truck Center, the radiator was taken to Holland Radiator for repair.



Regular routes begin at 4:00am

Picked up and delivered charts

Drive shaft was re-installed in unit #26 and put back in service



Ran regular trash routes at 4:00am

Assisted Street Department with mini track on CoanzaSt. opening small ditch

Picked up boxes at Counseling Services on Sebastian

Picked up and delivered charts


Follow up Activities:

Continuing to pick up extra charts

Working on improving trash pick up

Assisting other Departments


Future Activities:

Working with ADEQ on waste audit analysis

Tring to help Code Enforcement streamline demoliton

Staff Concerns:

No staff concerns at this time, other than keeping moral up




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