Friday, January 23, 2009

Sanitation Department DHR 1-26-09





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan

Weekly Activities:

Monday 1-12-09

Begin Lakeview route at 4:00am

Serviced the trucks and equipment

Picked up boxes from local merchants Sonic, Wendy's and Corner Market


Tuesday 1-13-09

Started trash route at 4:00am

Continued to pick up and deliver carts from residents

Picked up boxes from Juengel's,Sears , Perry St. Market and Fred's


Wednesday 1-14-09 thru 1-16-09

Municipal League Meeting Starts and carries through until Friday.

Procedures in the Sanitation Department are expected to carry on in the usual manner.


Monday 1-19-09

MLK Day the city was closed in observance of this National Holiday


Tuesday 1-20-09

Started trash toute at 4:00am

Serviced vehicles today due to the fact that we were closed the day before

Picked up boxes from Hoffinger and Sonic also the school's

Continued to pick up and deliver carts from area residents.


Wednesday 1-21-09

Started trash routes at 4:00am

Took unit #28 out of service, due to broken support tube on lifting apparatus, we are in the process of ordering the new part.

Street Foreman went to Memphis to get the joy stick for unit #27, however the mechanic discovered it was the wrong part. It will have to go back to Scruggs.


Thursday 1-22-09

Started trash route at 4:00am

Continued to pick up boxes, Freds, Ronnies and Dollar General.

Picked up and delivered carts from local residents

Assisted Street Department with back hoe on clean up project


Friday 1-23-09

Started trash route at 4:00am

Processed boxes picked up for the week

Assisted with missed trash pick up



Follow up Activities:

Addressing the concerns of trash pick up

Working with Code Enforcement tring to improve demolition

Future Activities:

Continuing to improve trash collection


Staff Concerns:

None at this time>











Follow up Activities:

Continuing to follow up with ADEQ on plastic recycling program


Fututure Weely Activities:

Continuing to work with other Departments to assist in any way we can


Staff Concerns:

None at this time


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