Friday, March 20, 2009

East Water Department DHR 3/23/09

East Water Department Report  3/23/09
Weekly Department Report
Prepared by: Terry McGinister
Specific Weekly Activities 3/13/09 - 3/19/09
Checked lift stations
Repaired 2" inch water leak at Waverly Woods
Repaired 1" inch water leak at Prairie Street
Repaired valve on Woodland and  Mistletoe
Unstopped sewer on Pecan, Walnut, Adam, and Cherry Street
Filled in hole with cold mix on Jean Street
Cleared storm drains on College, Walnut, and Pecan Street
Changed out 2" inch meter at Central High School
Cleaned out baskets at lift station #1 and #5
Serviced all trucks at the plant
Future Weekly Activities
Replace suction valve and pump at lift station #3
Follow up Activities
Finish putting riprap on levees at the ponds, finish installing by pass hook up the remaining lift stations
Staff Concerns/Issues
Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses

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