Tuesday, April 28, 2009

City Council Meets and votes to Appeal Adverse Judgment in Roosevelt Collins' Case

Bruce Hudson, Ward 1; Joe St. Columbia, Ward 2; and Joe Grubbs, Ward 3. (First/Top Photo)
Eddie Clark, Ward 1; Jay Hollowell, Ward 2; John Washington, Ward 4; and Don R. Etherly, Ward 5. (Second/Middle Photo)

Mrs. Sandi Ramsey, City Clerk (Third/Bottom Photo)

The Helena West Helena City Council met today to consider whether to appeal the recent decision made by Honorable L. T. Simes, II., Circuit Judge. The decision is in the case of Roosevelt Collins vs. The City of West Helena, Arkansas.

This case began in February 2005. Mr. Collins was the department head for the West Helena Sanitation Department. The city council in place at that time, demoted Mr. Collins and placed Bobby Jones in charge of the Sanitation Department. Those actions were wrong. However, Mr. Collins was made whole during the year of 2005. The city's position is and was that Mr. Collins is not due any more money from the city. For more detailed information, please see Roosevelt Collins vs. City of West Helena.

Judge Simes order requires payment in the amount of $33,000.00 to Roosevelt Collins and $17,500.00 to his lawyer. The City Council today voted to appeal the decision made by Judge Simes.

In other business, the council discussed, in brief, retirement benefits for former Mayor Johnny Weaver who recently sued the city for a determination of his benefits. A committee was formed to do a mathematical analysis of whether Mayor Weaver should be permitted to retire at age 55 or age 60. The committee will consist of Mr. Jay Hollowell, Mr. Eddie Clark and Mr. Don Etherly. The council will also consider former City Attorney Ralph Murray's retirement benefits being extended to his widow in light of his recent passing. Finally, the council asked that the Magnolia Cemetery vandalism issue be placed on the agenda for May 5, 2009.

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