Friday, April 3, 2009

Police SRT (DHR) April 6, 2009

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Special Response Team
Weekly Report
March 28 – April 3, 2009

1. Colonel Fielder and Sgt. Bivens met with Office of Emergency Management Director
Michael Bourchet this week to discuss this year’s Mock Disaster Training and what possible scenarios we should try to implement. We also discussed the use of the OEMS rescue boat and vehicle to pull the boat. This big boat can be used for harbor patrol and we can use it for search and rescue on the river if needed. Mr. Bourchet also is looking into getting training for search and rescue for the S.R.T. members to get them certified as a unit for search and rescue.
2. This week we were notified that we could pick up our 2 HumVees from Texarkana anytime we could get a vehicle that would haul them. James Ray with LESO has notified us that the paper work is being finalized this week.
3. Colonel Fielder and Sgt. Bivens met with County Judge Don Gentry to get permission for the use of a flatbed trailer and truck to go to Texarkana to pick up our HumVees. The Judge told us we could use the county’s truck and he would furnish a driver.
4. Sgt. Bivens is now back to using the black Crown Victoria he was driving.
5. Application for team members are now being processed, each applicant will be interviewed individually before selection is made for the team. Our goal is to have 2 six man entry teams and perimeter teams so we can have the members from each team know what and who they will deal with each operation we are called out on.
6. Upon approval Sgt. Bivens along with Cpl. Cox will be attending a Basic Tactical Team Skills class taught at the LETA at Pocahontas June 1-5,2009.
7. Sgt. Bivens, Capt. Vann, and Sgt. Thomas will be leaving for the ILEETA training in Chicago the week of April 19-26, 2009.
8. Sgt. Bivens worked on the firing range Saturday with Officer Wallace to help her get ready for the academy this week.
Wants and Needs:
a. Telephone and answering machine for the temporary SRT office on Cherry Street. A telephone and answering machine is needed to set up a possible tip line for anonymous informants to leave messages on.
b. Possibly a new cellphone with e-mail capability for Sgt. Bivens to receive messages with.
c. When the S.R.T. starts training we will need more ammunition for pistols, shotguns and rifles. We will also need to start training with less lethal munitions. This will require purchasing these munitions from ALS Technologies in Bull Shoals, Ar.

Future plans:
1. Meet with the Street and Sanitation workers to discuss how they can help in our efforts to fight crime. They are out all hours of the day and no-one pays any attention to their activities as they work in the streets. It is possible they have already seen some criminal activity and don’t know who they can talk to.
2. Set up a tip line on answering machine as to be able to receive calls from informants that want to remain anonymous but have information that needs to be known so it can be acted on.
3. Start weekly training sessions with the Team members.
4. Start drug interdiction in our neighborhoods as soon as Team members are ready and have some training behind them.

Gas usage for week
Red Buick was filled just before switching back to the Black Crown Victoria
Red Buick: 13.0 gallons @ $1.99 a gallon, total $26.00
Black Crown Victoria: 16.4 gallons @ $1.99 a gallon, total $32.80

Sgt. Tommy BivensS.R.T. Troop Commander

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