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COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP)

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United States Department of Justice               

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

Office of the Director
1100 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
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Dear Colleague:

Thank you for submitting your COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) application.  It is now under active review at the COPS Office.  While that work continues, we want to update you on our progress and the process we are using to make funding decisions under this very competitive grant program.

As you know, the COPS Office was appropriated $1 billion through the Recovery Act to make grants to create or save state, local, and tribal law enforcement jobs.  During the CHRP solicitation period, we received 7,272 applications.  These applications total $8.3 billion and request more than 39,000 sworn law enforcement positions.  Obviously, these requests far exceed the funding available under CHRP, and with no cap on officer salary or local match requirement, we will only be able to fund a portion of the officer and deputy positions requested.

Since the April 14, 2009 application deadline, the COPS Office has been actively reviewing the data submitted in each application.  In some cases, we have reached out to applicant agencies to verify information provided in their applications.  In fact, we contacted more than 1,700 agencies to validate their data, and in total the COPS Office reviewed over 275,000 individual data points.  If your agency was not contacted by COPS during this phase of our work, that simply means that upon initial review by our staff, no further probing was required for your application.  This data verification process, though time consuming, is very important because it ensures that all applicants will be properly evaluated based on each agency's economic, crime, and community policing data.

Now that the work described above is complete, we are moving quickly to the next phase of our process, which includes in-depth budget request reviews and evaluating the retention requirement information and other aspects of the application.  In preparing a final CHRP award list, we will look at the total number of sworn positions being requested by each agency and determine how best to allocate the funds available.

The COPS Office will complete all this work and make awards no later than September 30, and likely sooner.

For more information, please visit the COPS website (, where we will post any new information about CHRP, updates on our other grant programs, and a wealth of information on community policing.  



Timothy J. Quinn
Acting Director

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