Friday, May 8, 2009

DHR Parks and Recreation 5-11-09

Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 5-11-09

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities



Renovation continues for air conditioning unit at Community Center

Sorted out softball teams and rosters and delivered copies to coaches

Still soliciting schools for more players

Cleaned Storage

Cleaned Pool House

Changed Oil in Red Chevy

Tuesday 5-05-09

Worked on Little League Field

Cleaned Malco

Cleaned Community Center

Cleaned @ City Hall

Wednesday 5-06-09

Baseball/ Softball registration continued

Reopened HWHCC

Volleyball 6pm- until close

Thursday 5-07-09

Prepared field for soft ball game

Adult games cancelled due to wet field

Adult free play for basketball 6pm- until close

ACC meeting held from 2pm-3pm

Changed Light bulbs @ HWHCC

Friday 5-08-09

Daily Cleaning @HWHCC

Prepared field @ N. Helena Park

Removed trash @ N. Helena Park

Adult softball games 6pm-9pm

Set up Malco for Adult Education Graduation

Picked up softball forms from Beechcrest







Future Activities

  • Check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.
    Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.
    Ground work @ Washington Street Park

  • Prune all trees at North Helena Park and Washington Street Park(Via Street department)
  • Repairs to bathrooms in all parks
  • Order pool tables and table tennis for game room
  • Bids for repairs on cart shed
  • Order playground equipment from A&P funds
  • Bids for air rating golf course
  • Repairs to Washington St. bathrooms
  • Repairs to 10th street bathrooms
  • Tuesday Youth Boys basketball games starts at 5:30pm-8:30pm
  • Repairs to A/C on house @ Golf Course
  • Repairs to lighting on 10th street and Washington St.
  • New play ground equipment in all parks
  • Replace basketball goals @ N. Helena, Washington St., Catholic Holler
  • Repair baseball field @ 10th street park
  • Storage space for equipment
  • Repairs to pump house @ N. Helena
  • Running water in all parks
  • Improve fencing around pool
  • Re-surface Greens at golf course
  • Repair clock at HWHCC
  • Order swing approved by A&P
  • Repair goals in Holler
  • Clean ditch in North Helena Park
  • Clean-up piles of debris in North Helena Park
  • Fix the trimming on backboards at HWHCC
  • Install Foul Poles at Little League Field
  • Replace urinal in boys restroom@ HWHCC








Staff Issues/Concerns

None at this time

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