Friday, May 15, 2009


SANITATION WEEKLY JOURNAL 05-18-09                                                                                         SANITATION DEPARTMENT                                                                                             PROGRESS REPORT                                                                                                                                Specific Weekly Activities                                                                                             Monday 5-11-09                                                Ran Lakeview trash route                                        Picked up several boxes                                            Cleaned out ditches at Washington, Panama, Fairview, Westwood                     Guthrie, Center & Anderson                                        Repaired door on # 25 for leakage                                    Replaced belt on # 28                                            Carried # 26 to Memphis/Scruggs Equipment for repair                                                                            Tuesday 5-12-09                                                Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                All employees attended mandatory safety meeting                            #26 out of service                                                                                            Wednesday 05-13-09                                                Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Truck #27 out of service/motor problems                                Truck #25 out of service/leakage problems                                Placed safety corridor around property on Porter Street            `                Had welder to repair Truck #25                                        Had #27 towed off road to shop in Marianna for repair                                                                            Thursday 5-14-09                                                Truck #25 back in service                                        Truck #27 & 26 out of service                                        Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Truck #29 had lift repaired by welder                                    Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Delivered several cans to residents                                                                                    Friday 5-15-09                                                    Ran regular residents and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Trucks # 26 & 27 still out service                                        Delivered several cans to residents                                    Checked on status of trucks in various shops ( #26 & #27)                        Ordered motor for Dodge Pickup                                    Ordered Transmission for Chevy Suburban                                Ordered Transmission for Plymouth Van                                    Ordered new safety vest with reflected colors                                                                        

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