Wednesday, June 17, 2009

503 Franklin Demolition has begun

The Sanitation Department of the City of Helena-West Helena has begun razing two (2) structures in the 500 Block of Franklin Street. These structures have been condemned by the city. The condemnation process begins with notice from the Code Enforcement Department following by a hearing before the Planning Commission. After the Planning Commission approves a property for condemnation, the matter is presented to the City Council for confirmation. After confirmation of the condemnation process, the property is deemed condemned and the city is then authorized to get the property into compliance with local codes and charge the expenses to the landowner through a lien procedure.

Arkansas has a new law that will likely allow the city to take properties like these into its inventory and lawfully redeveloped.

Here are some snapshots from Franklin Street:

The City has also razed several other condemned homes:

Porter Street

Lithicum Street

Liberty Street

Holly Street:

Holly Street:

Ohio Street:

Walker Street:

6th Street:

The departments will continue to aggressively pursue compliance with our local codes. For more information, please contact our Code Enforcement Department: 870-714-1450 (Patrick Allen) or (870)338-1666 (Joshua McIntosh).

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