Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bibles For Teens in Helena

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!

      I need a favor! I really need you to circulate this email for me. If you could just pass it on, spread it if you know of any possibilities for how I can reach this goal. I really appreciate your help on this. Time is ticking on me and July is right around the corner, so I really want to make this happen and I know I can't do it without you!

Thanks so much!!!!

With love,

-Zipporah Mondy

       Growing up it always seemed everyone I knew had at least one Bible in their house. I'm in a totally different time now. The majority of teens in a local Christian summer camp we (my family, friends, and a missionary family) ran last year in Helena-West Helena, Ar; said they didn't have a Bible at all. Those that did have a Bible in the house said it was a giant Bible that belonged to their grandmother. This won't do. This year for that same Christian camp, I want to give those teens more than just a t-shirt at the end.

         We are trying to raise $500 dollars for Bibles for about 64-70 teenagers in our community. We are planning an on-going Bible study to start immediately after camp is over, and I would love for every young person there to have their very own Bible that they can read when we send them home with reading assignments. Will you help me? If I can get 5 churches to donate $100, or 10 individuals to donate $50, I would have enough for the Bibles. If you can't contribute perhaps you know someone, or your church, who has a heart for giving to such a cause as this. Will you speak to them on our behalf? Will you pray we will raise all the money?

All contributions are tax deductible if checks are made payable to:
Together For Hope WITH A MEMO thats says Bibles for teens

Mail In Care of:
Zipporah Mondy
204 Moore St.
Helena-West Helena, AR
Thank you in advance!!!!! God bless you for your prayers and support!!!!

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