Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Former Mayor of Lexa, Arkansas, Wiley Snyder Dies in vehicular Accident on HWY 49 B in Helena-West Helena

Mr. Wiley Snyder was killed in an auto accident in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas this morning. Mr. Snyder had, according to witnesses, purchased gas, washed his vehicle in the automatic car wash and began to exit the Exxon parking lot. Mr. Snyder was turning left and heading southeast on North Sebastian. This direction of travel would have taken him to his insurance office, Wiley Snyder Insurance in the 200 block of Plaza Street. He was T-Boned or struck nearly perpendicular in the driver's side of his vehicle. The Semi-Truck with trailer was headed northwest on Sebastian Street.

Paramedics (Pafford Ambulance Service) provided assistance at the scene and took Mr. Snyder to Helena Regional Medical Center (HRMC) where he was later pronounced dead.

Major Ronald Scott, Assistant Chief of Police for the Helena-West Helena Police Department, notified his wife, Wanda as soon as was practicable. 

The Helena-West Helena Fire Department was assisted by the Street, Sanitation and Water departments with this scene. The Highway Police Officer Bubba Morris and State Trooper Darrell Winston were on the scene, as was James Wallace with the Arkansas Highway Department.

Our community has certainly suffered a great loss. 

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K. Cutler said...

While I appreciate your intention to keep people informed, as Mr. Snyder was loved my many, I think it was a bit insensitive to post pictures of this nature without discussing with the family first.

Put yourself in their shoes and think of how shocking and upsetting these types of photos would be in an already devastating situation.