Friday, June 12, 2009

Sanitation DHR 6-15-09






Specific Weely Activities:


Monday 6-8-09

Ran Lakeview regular trash route, residential and commercial

Serviced vehicles and equipment

Picked up boxes from local merchants, Corner Market ,Sears and Food Pantry

Replaced hydralic seal on unit#25



Tuesday 6-9-09

Begin regular trash route at 4:00am

Purchased safety equipment for the summer workers, glasses and gloves

Cleaned the alley behind the Public Library with the dozer

Demolished vacant house on Holly St.

Picked up boxes from Perry St. Market, Kwik Stop and Conoco

All empioyees attended the safety meeting



Wednesday 6-10-09

Begin regular trash route at 4:00 am

Removed several carts from residents of closed accounts

Replaced switch for head lights on unit #21

Removed dumpster from Blues Stage area following the Mothers Best Festival and delivered it to the old Chicago Mill lot

Received new lids for dumpsters

Picked up boxes from Juengels, Dixieand Sonic

Replaced brakes on the Surburban

Took unit #25 out of service due to leakage

Thursday 6-11-09

Begin regular route at 4:00am

Replaced hydralic line and air conditioning belt on unit # 26

Placed labels on carts on the North Helena route

Installed headlight on uni t # 28

Replace hydralic line on unit #21

Picked up boxes from Freds, Cato and Family Dollar

Started demolition on Lithicum



Begin regular trash route at 4:00am


Continued demolition on Lithicum, plans are to complete this project by 4:00pm

Picked up the Plymouth Van from Gibson repair shop

Took the Auto Car to Helena Machine shop to have a PTO shaft cut

Put unit #25 back in servic e

Picked up boxes from Counseling Services, Wendy's and Kelley's




Follow up Activities:

Conti nuing to work with Code Enforcement to keep up with demolition demands as well as working with other departments



Future Weekly Activities:

Continuing to improve trash collection and pursuing recycling



Staff Concerns:

No major staff concerns at this time















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