Friday, June 5, 2009

SRT weekly report


Helena West Helena Police Department

Special Response Team

Weekly Report

June 1 – June 5, 2009

  1. This week we started our training on High Risk Search Warrants. Members from the Team met with Sgt. Bivens and went over entry techniques and weapon control. Colonel Fielder was present for training observation and critique.

  2. Sunday, May 31, 2001, Sgt. Bivens was called out to assist in a shooting incident on Cleburne Street. A vehicle was shot twice in an attempted armed robbery. There were several witnesses and the victim that described the vehicle the suspects were driving and described the suspects also. From information gathered, detectives then drew up affidavits and took them in front of Judge King for him to review. Judge King read the affidavits and signed warrants with $130,000 bonds for two suspects from the shooting incident. After we had signed warrants for these suspects we went to their residence and arrested one of the suspects. The second suspect was not there. We received information where the second suspect was and went to that residence. The suspect was not there but a person with outstanding warrants was and they were arrested. The second suspect was arrested without incident the following day, Monday June 1, 2009.

  3. Sgt. Bivens and Colonel Fielder have been checking on ammunition prices to find ammunition that is readily available and for the cheapest price available. We have found two suppliers that say they can deliver ammunition the following week after ordered and the price is within $.03 per shell of the state contract price. We have had ammunition ordered on state contract prices for 6 months and still no delivery and no guarantee of a date of when it will be here. We will stay on top of this situation to make sure that we have the ammunition we need when we need it.

  4. Sgt. Bivens and Colonel Fielder assisted officers Friday morning on a suicide on Beech Street. The residence was only occupied by the deceased and to keep the residence secure, Colonel Fielder and Sgt. Bivens stayed at the residence until family members came to take possession of the house.

    Wants and Needs:

    1. Members need flashlights that mount on their weapons to free up there hands for entry and safety.

    2. BDU uniforms for members of entry team because of the need for extra pockets to carry equipment in on entries.

    Future Plans:

    1. Continue training for team members, and use this training to start executing search warrants suspected drug houses and arrest drug dealers at these houses.

    2. Train our whole department in the Active Shooter Training that we have available so everyone of our officers will have an idea of their part to be played in this scenerio if it happens here.

    3. Get Sgt. Bivens trained to teach patrol rifle to our officers so we can implement long guns in our patrol as we are outgunned by the criminal element as of right now. The criminals have gigger guns and they are shooting these guns at our citizens. We need to be able to respond in kind to these larger weapons.

    Gas useage for the Black Crown Victoria: 15.3 gallons @ $2.41 per gallon = $37.15

Sgt. Tommy Bivens

SRT Troop Commander

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