Thursday, July 2, 2009






Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan


Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 6-29-09

Begin regular trash route at 4:00am and ran the Lakeview route

Serviced the trucks and equipment

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Kidney Care, Food Pantry,Central High,Clover, Corner Market and

West Helena Furniture



Tuesday 6-30-09

Begin the Lakeview route at 4:00am

The service Technician from Scott inspected the track hoe and found the problems we were having, he will order the parts needed and return to comlete the repairs.

Assisted the East Side Water Department with the dozer cutting a road to make access to repair a water main.

Contacted Ronnie Smith to have the arm on unit #25 repaired

Picked up boxes from Sonic,Wendy's, West Side, Bistro, Watson Flower Shop, Corner Market, Dollar General, Kwik Stop and Kidney Care


Picked up the Auto Car diesel tractor form Mayville and Son truck repair



Wednesday 7-01-09

Begin the trash at 4:00am

Attended the Supervisor Training Classes

Repai red an oil leak on unit # 21

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Fred's, Factory Connection,Kidney Care, Corner Market and John Deere



Thursday 7-02-09

Begin the regular trash route at 4:00am

Took dozer to Bonanza to take down remains of burned house

Continued to make repairs to unit #21 tring to repair oil leak

Picked up boxes from Pizza Hut, Food Pantry, Corner Market, Kidney Care, Sonic, Wendy's and Administrati on

Closed at 12:00 noon



Friday 7-03-09

Closed for the Holiday


Follow up Activities:

Conti nuing to work with the East Side Water Department repairing the main that sprung a leak. The conditions became to wet and was brought to a halt.






Staff Concerns:

Sanitation Foreman has returned to work.










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