Friday, July 24, 2009

SRT weekly report


Helena West Helena Police Department

S.R.T. Weekly Report

July 20, 2009 – July 24, 2009

      1. Sgt. Bivens attended a three day class at Phillips Community College this week. The course of instruction was Foundations of Supervision. Among some of the topics discussed were, team building, leadership techniques, communications, and decision making and delegations. This is the first of a three part course taught by the Criminal Justice Institute.

      2. Sgt. Bivens worked on the theft of property case for Family Dollar Store this week. Warrants were entered in the ACIC system and one suspect was picked up in Memphis, Tn. The suspect was then extradited back to Helena West Helena where he is being held in the Phillips County Jail on $25,000.00 bond. Three more suspects were entered but have not been located yet. When they are located we will extradite them also.

        Wants and Needs:

        1. We need 2500 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition on hand for training purposes for the SRT members. This ammunition should carry the team through several live fire training sessions. This ammunition will be stored separate from department ammunition and will be counted and signed for when used.

        2. We have been notified by Federal Surplus in Little Rock that we can purchase 45 caliber handguns for $35.00 and 12 gauge shotguns for $50.00. Our department could use these weapons as we don't have enough shotguns to issue to patrol for them to have in case they need more fire power in a dangerous situation. These guns are used but they were in operation with our military and should be in good working order.

        Future Plans:

          1. We are planning on having all members go through a certified basic tactical team course. Capt. Todd Grey from Madison Police Department is a certified instructor in this course and he has informed us he will be conducting a class later this year in Madison and we will be invited.

          2. When we have the ammunition available, we are going to have a defensive shooting class. This will help make members more comfortable in shooting in off positions. The reasoning behind this is to show members you can shoot from behind cover and still be effective.

            Gas usage for Black Crown Victoria listed on CID report.

Sgt. Bivens

SRT Troop Commander

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