Friday, July 31, 2009

SRT weekly report


Helena West Helena Police Department

S.R.T. Weekly Report

July 27, 2009 – July 31, 2009

      1. Sgt. Bivens along with CID officers are investigating a shooting incident on McDonough Street. Two houses were searched in conjunction with these investigations. The suspect was known to have been at these residences earlier. No suspect was located at this time but we are still looking. Warrants have been issued and the suspect is entered into the ACIC computer.

      2. Colonel Fielder, Sgt. Bivens and CID officers searched two houses on Anderson Street following a tip about evidence from an earlier burglary at Marty Mart on 4th and Quarles. No evidence was recovered at either residence. We will continue to act on each and every tip we receive.

      3. Sgt. Bivens, Detective Cox and Detective Thomas assisted the Phillips County Sheriff's Department in 3 search warrants Thursday evening. During the search weapons, drugs and paraphenalia were found. There was one person on the scene that had outstanding warrants. One vehicle was seized by the Sheriff's Department and was tranferred to the County Jail.

      4. We were notified this week that we were approved for 7 assault rifles from the military LESO plan. These weapons will be issued to members that successfully complete a patrol rifle course. Once issued these weapons will be used only by those trained members and will be in their possession.

        Wants and Needs:

        1. In the last few weeks we have seen the need for night binoculars as we have had several persons run from patrolmen at night. This night vision would help in locating and apprehending suspects that run from us. A nightime thermal imaging camera would locate persons hiding as it shows their heat signal. These products are expensive but would pay for itself in arrests.

        2. For tactical training at the firing range, we will need some plywood and 2 x 4 wood to build target holders and training barricades. These barricades would be permanent. The target holders we have are in bad shape and we need to replace them maybe a couple at a time.

        3. Our SRT members need load bearing vests for carrying equipment and ammunition that they have on their persons during high risk entries. There is a vest that has load bearing capability and will carry ballistic panels from bullet resistant vests, this would be more functional for our team. The vests would make equipment more easily accessable for the member.

        Future Plans:

          1. We will be stepping up our time line for patrol rifle training as we will getting our rifles soon. This makes the need for target frames and barricades urgent.

          2. Replace target frames at the firing range. We need these target frames for qualifications of all officers. Barricades will be needed for tactical training for SRT members and to keep all officers up to date in training.

            Gas usage for Black Crown Victoria listed on CID report.

Sgt. Bivens

SRT Troop Commander

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