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St Dept Report7/20/09

                        STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT – 7/20/09


Department: Street Department


Date: July 10-15, 2009


Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:




Replaced rear axle bearing, rear brakes, and rotors Police unit 11

Replaced pin in arm of Sanitation unit 25

Replaced hose Street unit 107

Took Sanitation unit 28 to Mobile One

Took Sanitation unit 26 to Mayville & Son for power steering hose repair


Changed oil Police unit 10

Replaced front brakes Sanitation Dodge Ram 2500

Replaced mud flap Street unit 106

Changed oil Police units 19, 13, 16, 11, and 17

Replaced wipers Sanitation brown van

Replaced wipers Dodge pickup

Removed two cylinders from back hoe

Removed hydraulic pump Street unit 105


Replaced hydraulic hose Sanitation unit 29

Replaced spark plugs and ignition coil and changed oil Police unit 8

Removed hydraulic pump Street unit 105-leaking seal and cracked housing


Replaced hydraulic hose Street unit 106

Repaired muffler Sanitation unit 28

Installed muffler Sanitation Dodge pickup

Replaced blade on Zero turn

Changed oil Police unit 26

Changed oil and filter in both mosquito rigs



Walnut at Rightor-1

Alley between Southern Bankcorp & Watson's Flowers-1

600 block Cleburne-2

100 block Plaza-1

St Andrews-2

600 block Kentucky-1

Oak & Old Little Rock Rd-5



Animal control:

Removed numerous dead animals from streets

Picked up four dead animals from vet

Removed two abandoned dogs from 300 No 7th


Other activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

            Rightor St

Walnut St.

            Cherry St.

            Porter St.

            Perry St.

            Elm St.

Franklin St.

            Oakland Ave.

            Quarles Lane

            Plaza St

Phillips St



Trimmed trees and mowed grass corner of Pecan and Miller

Trimmed trees and mowed shoulder-block between Pecan and Cherry

Mowed and sprayed ditch at Cherry and Jefferson to Ohio St

Cleaned up lot at Jefferson & Pecan

Mowed corner lot at south side Jefferson & Pecan

Mosquito sprayed Friday's Sanitation route


Took photos of standing water on North Sebastian due to street overlay by AHTD

Cleaned around West side shop

Cleaned out drain 320 So 9th

Replaced traffic signals: Porter & Columbia (green) and Sebastian & Anderson (red & green)

Ordered street signs from Spakes Signs: Monroe-3, Holly-3, Jefferson-3, Madison-3, Columbia-2, Porter-2, Perry-2, Larry-1

Mowed: Park and Ashlar-2 lots, Park and Sam-2 lots, Russell and DeSoto-1 lot, D'Anna Place-shoulder

Event sprayed Cleo Dunning Park for All Church Challenge

Mosquito sprayed Monday's Sanitation route


Event sprayed Cleo Dunning Park for All Church Challenge

Cut long overhanging branches in Persimmon Alley

Covered large hole near swimming pool

Cut and Mowed:

Started mowing Oak Grove Cemetery #1 with Zero turn Mower

Kentucky at Quarles Ln intersection-cutback trees and weed eat

North & South Ridge-cut back trees and weed eat

Corner of Franklin & Miller-cleaned parking lot

Center St-cut back trees and weed eat ditch

Anderson-cut back trees and weed eat ditch

Park & Baringo

South and Washington St

Lot next to 440 West St

Phillip with Thomas Petroleum repaired gas pump East side


Took PTO pump from Street unit 105 to Truck Pro and rebuilt

Picked up solenoid from Scrugg's for Sanitation unit 30

Cut and Mowed:

Finished Oak Grove Cemetery #1 with Zero turn mower

Started mowing West side center greens

4 lots Franklin & Rightor

College & Perry St

Walker & Holly-1 lot behind Cunningham Store

Cut back & sprayed: Columbia & Walker and Anderson

Cut back trees: Pecan & Walker, Market & Miller, Old Little Rock Rd Park

Cleaned and sprayed alley-No 9th St

Clark Mosquito Control technician repaired spray rig


Follow Up Activities:

Sidewalk-100 block Coanza


Staff Concerns/Issues:








Week of 7/10-15/09














L Driver


Zero Turn


E Butler


Box Shop Dodge


M Holbrook









































Gas Pump Repaired on 7/14/09






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