Monday, August 10, 2009

Bullets Claim Life of 16 Year Old KIPPSTER/Bystander and Injured 23 Year Old

Eddie Henry was shot tonight in the Detonti Court Area. Detonti Court is within the West Helena Housing Authority Properties, near Kelly, Harvey, Knox and Lasalle Streets. Eddie was struck in the right thigh by a single bullet which pierced his leg. He is likely to be treated and released.

Such was not the case for the 11th grade KIPPster by the name of Quanterea Smith, 16. She was called Pookie. On Facebook they referred to her as "POOH POOH." She was struck by three gunshots as she sat on her porch there on Detonti Court. She succumbed to the injuries caused by the shooting. There is presently no indication that she was the INTENDED VICTIM.

Police are investigating the homicide.

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