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Crime Prevention Tips for You


Preventing crime is everyone's responsibility. The following tips can be helpful in reducing the risk of becoming victim of a crime:


Stay alert to your surroundings. Stop and look before leaving a building or vehicle.


If you see suspicious activity or persons stay away and report your suspicions to local law enforcement.


Lock your car and close the windows, even if you are only gone a few minutes. Never leave your car with the keys in the vehicle or with the engine running.


Avoid leaving cellular telephones, purses, tool boxes and other items of value visible in your vehicle. If you must keep a complete inventory including make, model and serial numbers. Engrave your driver's license number on the items.


Have your keys in your hands ready to unlock the car when you approach your parked vehicle.


To discourage purse snatchers, do not over-burden yourself with packages. Wear your purse, with the strap across chest, carry your purse inside your coat, or consider wearing a hip bag. Minimize the contents of your purse. Have records of your credit card numbers and keep this information in a safe place at home.


Avoid using ATM machines in isolated places. If you must use your ATM card, use a machine at the grocery store or other busy location. Be wary of who observes you getting cash, watch who exists the location with you, look around as you leave the location, and always stay alert while walking to your car.


Never resist the demands of a criminal. Your property is not worth injury or your life.


Preventing crimes means not walking, talking or acting like a victim. Crime prevention is a thought process that must become part of your everyday habits and routine.


As you know, crime is on the increase in most large U.S. cities. It is also becoming more prevalent in small communities.


Thinking that it can only happen to someone else and doing nothing to prepare yourself or take precautionary measures in case makes you the perfect victim criminals are looking for.


Making yourself less of a target is simpler than you might think.


Defense sprays like pepper spray or mace spray and weapons like air tasers and stun guns, when properly used can significantly improve your chances of escaping or minimizing dangerous situations involving attackers and assailants.


Pepper spray, made with made with Oleoresin Capsicum (hence the name OC pepper spray ), is probably the most basic personal protection product. We recommend that you look here for self defense products that we know to be of very good quality and sold through a reputable company.


The "safeguards" and tips available to you here will help protect you - and may even save your life!

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