Friday, August 21, 2009


Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 08-24-09

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 8-17-09

Daily cleaning of HWHCC

Sprayed all parks where needed

Took tables to court house

Weight training 6pm-7pm

Cut Washington St. Park

Cut River Park

Tuesday 8-18-09

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Cut and weed eating done @HWHCC

Began to replace B-ball goals at Sacred Heart Park

Cut and sprayed Solomon Hill playground

Adult free play 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 8-19-09

Daily cleaning @HWHCC

Adult free play 5pm-7pm

Volleyball 7pm-close

Began to take down backboards @ Sacred Heart Park

Took tent to Fire Station

HWHFD picked up tables and chairs for Community Awareness

Checked all parks for trash

Thursday 8-20-09

Daily cleaning @HWHCC

Adult free play 6pm- close

Pilates 5pm-6pm

Started to paint rims from Sacred Heart Park

Still soliciting for coaches for Youth League Football

Friday 8-21-09

Daily cleaning done @ HWHCC

Prepping HWHCC for Employee Appreciation Party

Saturday 8-22-09

Employee Appreciation Party 8pm-until



Future Activities


·         Check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.

·         Planning for back to school program

·         Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.

·         Ground work @ Washington Street Park
Prune all trees at North Helena Park and Washington Street Park(Via Street department)

·         Repairs to bathrooms in all parks

·         Order pool tables and table tennis for game room

·         Repairs to Washington St. bathrooms

·         Repairs to 10th street bathrooms

·         Repairs to A/C on house @ Golf Course

·         Repairs to lighting on Washington St.

·         New play  ground equipment in all parks

·         Replace basketball goals @ N. Helena, Washington St., Catholic Hollow

·         Repair baseball field @ 10th street park

·         Storage space for equipment

·         Running water in all parks

·         Improve fencing around pool

·         Re-surface Greens at golf course

·         Repair goals in Hollow

·         Fix the trimming on backboards at HWHCC

·         Install Foul Poles at Little League Field

·         Install new swings @ Washington St. and N. Helena

·         Recruiting coaches for youth football league

·         Preparing for Men's basketball league

·         Power turned on at N. Helena Tennis courts

·         Check on storage at Cherry St.





Staff Issues/Concerns

1.       Transportation.

2.       Two-way Radios

3.       We need a computer to replace the one that was stolen, and also a fax line 

4.       We need a television and a dvd/vcr to replace the ones that were stolen. Floor mats and hand weights are needed as well..

5.       Phones are also needed for the Director of the HWHCC, as well as the Activities Coordinator.



O'Shea Burrell
City of Helena-West Helena
Parks and Recreation Director
511 Miller St./P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
870-338-8481 Phone
888-526-6665 Fax
870-995-8991 Cell

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