Friday, August 14, 2009

East Water Department Weekly DHR 8/17/09

East Water Weekly Report  8/17/09
Weekly Department Report
Date: 8/14/09
Prepared by: Terry McGinister
Specific Weekly Activities 08/07/09 - 08/13/09
Monthly meter reading
Checked lift stations
Completed weekly reports
Daily locates
Fixed drive shaft on pump #3 at lift station #1
Cut grass at the plant, tanks, wells, and stations
Worked on Waverly Woods project
3 employees attended monthly District Meeting
Unloaded chemical truck at the plant
Unstopped sewer on Valley Drive, and Davis Street
Replace 3/4" inch old tubing with PVC water line on Madison
Future Weekly Activities
Replace suction valve and pump at lift station #3
Follow up Activities
Finish putting rip rap on levees at the ponds, finish installing by pass hook up at the remaining lift stations
Staff Concerns/issues
Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses

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