Friday, August 21, 2009





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan


Weekly Activities:

Monday 8-17-09

Begin the Lakeview route at 4:00am

Started the demolition of 228/230 Ponotoc

Serviced and washed units # 21, 26, 29, 28 and 30

Replaced anti freeze reservoir on unit 27

Delivered a 8 yard dumpster to the old Oliver's restaurant for construction renovation

Picked up and delivered carts

Picked boxes from Sonic, Kidney Care, Kwik Stop, Watson Flowers, Central High and Corner Market

Picked up unit 27 from Kitchen Truck Repair

Picked up unit 25 from Smith's Welding Shop

We experienced some problems with the PTO on the blue GMC dump truck, after making some minor adjustments the problem was corrected


Tuesday 8-18-09

Begin the regular route at 4:00am

Unit 27 went back on route

Repaired the passenger side window on unit 29

Replaced belt on unit 29 which broke while in the Landfill

The pressure relief valve failed on unit 30 while in the Landfill, a service tech from Mayville went and made the repair


Condensation accumulated in the air tanks on unit 27 while the truck set idle in the repair shop. After bleeding the tanks we adjusted the brakes and reset the cams.

Delivered a 2 yard dumpster to 214West Russell for a move out

Picked up and delivered carts

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Food Pantry, Wendy's, Family Dollar, Corner Market, Dixie Furniture, Shoe Show and Its Fashion


Wednesday 8-19-09

Begin the regular route at 4:00am

The hydraulic pump failed on unit 21

Replaced hopper light on unit 26 and unit 27

Unit 29 blew out a tire in route to the Landfill, Goodyear will not have the replacement until Thursday, the unit will remain there over night

Cleaned the debris from over grown lot in the 200 block of South Sam with dozer

Took unit 27 to Coleman's repair shop to charge the air conditioning system

Robert Ford removed the inoperable Police units from the lot

Trimmed the grass on the City yard and removed the vines from the fence row

Picked up and delivered carts

Picked up boxes from Sonic , Central High, Food Pantry, Corner Market, Watson Flowers, J.F. Wahl, Beech Crest and Kidney Care


Thursday 8-20-09

Begin the regular route at 4:00am, with units 25, 26 and unit 27 units 21 and 29 are out of service temporarily

Picked up unit 29 from Goodyear

Hydraulic filter on unit 25 failed, it was replaced by one of our filters in stock, two additional filters were ordered from Truck Pro

Repaired the wipers on the Ford 9000 tractor trailer

Replaced the crankshaft belts on the Auto Car, adjusted the fan and installed new front wheel hubs

Completed the clean up of the lot on Jane ST.

Spoke with Doughit's Radio service, they, will be in town on Wednesday

Picked up and delivered carts

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Food Pantry, Juengel, West Side, Kwik Stop and West Helena Furniture


Friday 8-21-09

Begin the regular route at 4:00am

Started the demolition clean up at the corner of Walnut and McDonough

Replaced the grease alimite on the Auto Car slack adjuster

Picked up and delivered carts

Continued to process boxes collected during the week




Programming the radio's for Park and Recreation Department

Working with Code Enforcement on new ordinances for abandoned buildings

Keeping abreast of bidding procedures for new refuse truck

Assisting other Departments



Developing a plan for cleaning over grown alleys

Removing all debris from vacant lots

Continuing demolition and recycling efforts

Developing a comprehensive maintenance program

Preparing for next year's budget



Insuring that Workers Comp claims are not abused





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