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SRT Weekly report August 3 - August 7, 2009


Helena West Helena Police Department

S.R.T. Weekly Report

August 3, 2009 – August 7, 2009

      1. Sgt. Bivens is investigating a stabbing incident that happened August 1st on Elm Street in Helena. Khadya Smith and Sandra Foreman had an altercation that ended with Khadya Smith being stabbed ubder her right arm in the armpit. Khadya Smith was hospitalized for two days. Sandra Foreman was arrested and charged with battery in the 1st degree. Warrants were issued with a $25,000.00 bond set.

      2. Sgt. Bivens and Detective Cox conducted a residence search based on a tip we received from a family member. Also all CID officers assisted Capt. Vann on a traffic stop on Anderson Street behind the Burger Shack. The vehicle was desribed as one involved in a theft on South 7th Street. We found a weapon and drugs inside the vehicle and onnthe occupants.We will continue to act on each and every tip we receive.

      3. Sgt. Bivens and Detective Cox are working on gathering information on named drug house locations. When we have adequate itelligence we will act accordingly and quickly. When we learn of any location that is named as selling drugs or having criminal activity, we start acting on gathering information to make arrests.

      4. Colonel Feilder and Sgt. Bivens went to Pine Bluff to The Department of Corrections K-9 Drug Interdiction Unit and met with Lt. Reap. We aquired 20 ballistic helmets from the D.O.C. These helmets are normally $350.00 or higher and we aquired these for $20.00 each through the LESO plan as the D.O.C. is transfering these helmets back to the Government. These helmets will be used for the SRT members and officers in high risk situations.

      5. Colonel Fielder and Sgt. Bivens stopped at Macks' Prairie Wings in Stuttgart when they were coming back from Pine Bluff. We picked up ammunition to be used fro the upcoming part-time class this month. We have found that Macks' has the best price and has the ammunition on hand with no waiting when we need it.

        Wants and Needs:

        1. We need to have flexible double cuffs for our enrty team members so they will have extras on hand when they make entry will multiple suspects. When we make entry on search warrants we cuff everyone until we have positive identifications made. These flexible cuffs can be carried on members' vests and are easily used. A package of double cuffs with 100 pair in it costs around $200.00 with Gall's. These cuffs would be issued to the members to keep with their equipment at all times.

        2. We have seen the need before for a large size crowd control fogger pepper spray unit. This fogger would come in handy for large crowds at drug house where we are out manned and the crowd becomes unruly and combative. The SRT should have at least two of these units, one to be carried by Sgt. Bivens and one by a person of the entry team. Sgt. Bivens has been trained as an instructor less lethal munitions. These units are listed for $45.00 each in Gall's.

        Future Plans:

          1. As we gather information on named drug houses, we will be issueing search warrants and executing the warrants. We are acting on all tips and information as we get them. We have several houses named to us and we are looking at all of them we know of. As we get information we start to react but as we do we cannot relinquish any information back until we have made our move. This makes it look like we are not doing anything but we are moving closer to taking down several drug house in the very near future.

            Gas usage for Black Crown Victoria listed on CID report.

Sgt. Bivens

SRT Troop Commander

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