Friday, September 4, 2009

SRT weekly report for August28, 2009-September3, 2009


Helena West Helena Police Department

S.R.T. Weekly Report

August 28, 2009 – September 3, 2009

The SRT for the Helena West Helena Police Department executed a search warrant for the address of 148 Anderson Street in West Helena on Friday the 28th. The SRT made entry into the suspect house and found three individuals in the house. We already had arrest warrants for one of these suspects, Johnny Ray Calvin. All three suspects were taken outside into the front yard. Sgt. Jones then came in with Viron, our K-9 drug dog, and searched the house. Officers followed Sgt. Jones through the house and found drugs in locations where Viron alerted to. Over three(3) ounces of marijuana was found along with .03 grams of powder cocaine. The three suspects were identified as Johnny Ray Calvin, Jeremy Box, and Ronnie Blue, Sr. All three were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, and Mr. Calvin was also charged with two counts of delivery. During the search Patrol secured the area and kept intruders from entering the scene.Sgt. Bivens and Cpl. Cox have been busy processing paperwork and warrants from the search warrant Friday. They have also been compiling information on areas of concern for saturating. We have been successful in saturating these areas and will continue as needed.

Wants and Needs:

The SRT needs flexible cuffs so as each person will have enough cuffs when we execute search warrants with multiple suspects, and any time numerous suspects are arrested. Most officers carry only one or two metal cuffs. Mostly for the cost, $30-$50 a pair. These flexible cuffs are like a plastic cable tie. The cost of 100 pair is $199.99 which is about $2.00 a pair. These cuffs can be written on to show time of arrest and suspects information, they are wide enough to not cut into the suspects wrists. Each officer on the SRT could carry five pair without a noticable weight. These cuffs would only be used after all metal cuffs were used and none are available.

Future Plans:

Continue saturating areas of interest and assist patrol when we are needed. Obtain and execute future search warrants on suspected areas where drug trafficking is suspected. We will train for these operations as possible to get the SRT trained in all areas of special response.

Sgt. Tommy Bivens

SRT Troop Commander

Cpl. Dennis Cox

SRT Team Leader

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