Monday, September 14, 2009

SRT weekly report September 4 - September 10, 2009

Helena West Helena Police Department
S.R.T. Weekly Report
September 4, 2009 – September 10, 2009
On September 4, 2009, the SRT conducted a saturation in the Helen area of Walnut, Cherry, Franklin, Pecan and all alleys there. Several citations were issued along with two arrests. We assisted Patrol with a search for suspects that jumped out of a car that fled from Sgt. Byrd. While searching the car and area where suspects ran, a ;arge amount of ephedrine pill soak was found in the trunk of the car. This ephedrine is used to make Crystal Meth. Along with the drugs were found the making of a meth lab. All eveidence was taken by Sgt. Bivens and Cpl. Cox. The suspects were not located that night but witness statements were taken as the suspects hit a acar when the started running from the police. The suspects car was impounded from the scene, as of now no one has asked about the car.
Citations issued:
1 arrest warrant served
1 arrest for fleeing
1 citation for disorderly conduct
2 citations for obstructing traffic
5 citations for loitering
On September 7, 2009, the SRT went to the Helena area first and went to the downtown area and the residential area up to Walker's Levee. The SRT worked traffic stops and foot traffic. During the trafic stops one nrcotic arrest was made along with one warrant was served. The SRT then went to the West Helena area where several traffic stops were made and citations issued.
Citaions issued and arrests made:
1 arrest warrant served
1 arrest for felony narcotic
2 arrests for obstructing government operations
1 criminal impersonation
1 obstructing traffic
1 no seat belt
1 no d/l
1 loitering
Wants and Needs:
We need a Police radio mounted in the Humm Vee so the driver and his partner can hear all traffic while we are out on Patrol. Handheld radioes are the only contact with the driver right now and it is hard to hear the handheld inside the Humm Vee. Some traffic has been missed as the driver could not hear what was being said on his handheld radio.
Future Plans:
We are going to continue to saturate all areas of the city to curtail all criminal activity, we are going to continue to write citaions and arrest as required. We are going to continue our efforts to obtain search warrants for suspected drug houses and execute these warrants as soon as possible. We are working on all tips we receive about these suspected houses and persons selling drugs. Any and all tips
are checked out and these tips have led to several arrests.
I would like to say that the SRT is working good together as a team and everyone has the same objective in mind, and that is to combat crime and make Helena West Helena safer for evryone here.
Sgt. Tommy Bivens
SRT Troop Commander
Cpl. Dennis Cox
SRT Team Leader

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