Friday, October 30, 2009

Administration DHR 11-02-09

Administration Report

Week of October 26-30, 2009



  • Finished moving to the new offices
  • Mailed letter to Domestic Violence Advocate applicants to schedule interviews for next week
  • Continued totaling and finalizing accounts payables



  • Worked on the process of getting the background checks done for the fire department applicants
  • Continued totaling and finalizing accounts payables
  • Met with Colonel Fielder about concerns with the Civil Service Commission
    • Wants assurances that the test takers come solely from the training provided by the Police Department
    • Clarity on the role of the commission
    • Clarity on the hiring process & who has the authority to hire
    • Concerned about the legal & ethical liability of the commission not doing due diligence



  • Reviewed ADFA Home applications
  • Worked on vacation and sick leave accumulation for employees
  • Talked to MetLife Financial Services Representative, Michael Chastain, about his company coming to do a presentation on life insurance
  • Spoke with the Mayor and he explained that in the past employees have rushed to purchase such products only to look for ways out later
  • Met with Oshea & Oscar on a personnel issue
  • Spoke with 2 representatives from Central about their 25 Books Campaign on October 30th
    • Major Scott stated to the representatives that he has a problem reading to high school students, "they should be reading to" him



  • Reviewed drug screenings
  • Landfill meeting in Wynne
    • Regional committee was to vote on requiring all trash be sent to either Helena-West Helena or West Memphis Landfills
    • Members lost their nerves, tabled the vote
    • For an extended amount of time there has been concern that waste is leaving the district thereby lowering the tonnage of our landfill
  • Picked up a pump in West Memphis for Streets & Sanitation
  • Meeting with Mayor Valley, Colonel Fielder, Major Scott, Asst. Chief Williams, Battalion Chief Brown, Dana Flowers, and Mark Price to address Civil Service Commission hiring policies & procedures



  • Had Eddie O'Neal check on 2 leaks in the new office space
  • Spoke with Sandi at 11:25 about A&P paying for a 3 minute fireworks display before the Central & Batesville game on November 6,
    • Called Premier Pyrotechnics 501-988-1742 left a message for John about cost of the fire works
  • Worked on the Domestic Violence Advocate interview packets
  • Distributed payroll
  • Submitted resolutions for Franklin and Daniel funerals
  • Attended the 25 Books Campaign at Central