Friday, October 23, 2009

HMWS- East

East Water Weekly Report 10/26/09
Weekly Department Report
Date: 10/23/09

Prepared by: Terry McGininster

Specific Weekly Activities 10/16/09 -10/23/09

Monthly cut offs

Checked lift stations

Unloaded chemical trucks at the plant

Serviced by pass pumps and filled up with diesel

Replaced battery and alternator on truck #3

Unstopped sewer on Pecan, College, and Missouri Street

Made cut off keys and meter irons for meter readers

Future Weekly Activities

Replace suction valve and pump at lift station #3

Follow up Activities

Finish putting rip rap on levees at the ponds, finish installing by pass hook up at the remaining lift stations

Staff Concerns/Issues

Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses.

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