Friday, November 13, 2009

Administration DHR 11_16_2009

Administration DHR 11-16-09

November 9, 2009 – November 13, 2009

Administration Weekly Report


o   Continued totaling and finalizing accounts payables

  • Tagged 3 vehicles
  • Addressed citizens concerns and calls
  • Worked on 2010 Budget
  • Completed City Council Packets
  • Worked on codification of ordinances
    • Contacted Municipal League concerning codification/ Cathy Moran will be updating
  • Spoke with MetLife Representative
  • Scheduled/attended the mandatory safety meeting
  • Prepared the deferred pay roster to turn in to Mrs. Clash
  • Worked with Debbie Bousquet on STOP grant
  • Worked sparingly on the e timesheet
  • Completed evaluations of Department Heads and Administrative staff
  • Will submit names of employees seeking to travel overnight at next city council meeting
  • Requested employees complete documentation for MERIT PAY RAISES
  • Contemplated placement of employee returning to light duty work.
  • Reinforced spending freeze during this week while purchasing agent is on vacation

·         Called Premier Pyrotechnics 501-988-1742 for another fire works display


Future Weekly Activities

·         City Council Meeting on 11-17-09

·         MetLife Representative wants to come on 11-17-09 to sell life insurance


Follow-up Activities


Staff Concerns