Friday, November 6, 2009

Administration DHR 11-09-09

Administration DHR 11-09-09

Administration Report

Week of November 2-6, 2009

  • Addressed citizens concerns and calls
  • Met with Ken Weiland, Engineer, regarding several drainage projects working within the city.
  • Met with Joe King regarding Landfill and assistance with trash collections
  • Developed Agenda Web Page for November 17, 2009 Council Meeting
  • Provided Bruce Hudson and City Council with listing of Grant Award Letters totaling over $818,000.
  • Developed and modified Job Descriptions for ALL City Employees in All Departments
  • Interviewed seven (7) applicants for Domestic Violence Advocate positions
  • Coordinated background checks for part-time dispatchers
  • Relieved majority of part-time staffers through February 2010 effective November 4, 2009
  • Completed evaluations of Department Heads and Administrative staff
  • Began using E-TimeSheets to Monitor employee time (Trial basis)
  • Gathered names of employees seeking to travel overnight between next two (2) city council meetings
  • Gathered list of employees seeking MERIT PAY RAISES
  • Contemplated placement of employee returning to light duty work.
  • Issued directives on Parking at 226 Perry Municipal Building with emphasis on Thursdays and Fridays because of District Court
  • Attended Advertising & Promotion Commission Meeting (Christmas Parade 12/5)(Christmas Lights being installed now)(Two (2) Appointments to be considered soon)
  • Lowered Flags to Half-Staff around the city through Veteran's Day in honor of victims at Fort Hood and Veterans in throughout the world
  • Reinforced spending freeze during this week while purchasing agent is on vacation

· Removed obsolete documents from the storage area in the new office space

· Called Premier Pyrotechnics 501-988-1742 left a message for John about cost of the fire works

· Accompanied Sanitation & Street Department managers to 134 Spruce Street to check for a drainage problem

o House is in front of a big hill, ditch has been filled by eroding soil

o Charles Jefferson is to get owner to remove part of a shed that is over part of the ditch & permission to dig the ditch out

· Department Head Meeting

o Holiday closing established for Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving

o Deferred Pay schedule established

· Finalized arrangements with Pyrotechnics

· Participated in a human resource meeting with Mayor, HR, and Police Department

HR & Police Department working together to ensure hiring practices are consistent

· Collected more Audit information from the Parks Department Head

· City Council Meeting

· Met with intergovernmental council (all mayors and county judge) State Rep. Clarke Hall and Diane Norman and human society representatives Mrs Pillow, Mrs.Higgonbothom, Mr. Warren regarding animal shelter and animal control

· Met with Colonel Fielder about breakdown in communication on an assault (passed information on to the Mayor)

· Worked on analyzing budget expenditures

· Spoke with former Chief Bell concerning audit

· Began navigating a timesheet application

· Notice to the paper concerning city closure for Veterans Day

· Returned forwarding address cards to Post Office