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Fwd: Street DHR 11/30/09

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Date: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 1:36 PM
Subject: Street DHR 11/30/09

Street Department Report





Department: Street

Date:     11/20/09 – 11/25/09


Prepared by:  Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities



Repaired # 107 – bolts in boom manifold replaced

Repaired arm on #26

Jump started #25

Covered hole in supply trailer with plastic

Worked on unit #21 – Shaft in new pump too big.  Will have to return to Century Hydrualics.


Changed oil – Police unit #9

Started John Deere tractor to be moved to East side shop storage area

Began Winterizing Sanitation vehicles – incl. #23/#26/#25/#24/#29/ Auto-Car/White Dually/Red Dump Truck/ Box Truck

Repair - #105 – replaced slide casing bolts

Trent Wilson off – Sick


Both Mechanics- off

Repairs done -#107 – replaced damaged hoses and put case back together

Tightened arm on Sanitation unit #26

Repair - #107- removed damaged doors from the rear – both broken from the bed of the truck


Half day shift

Replaced cylinder on Sanitation #28


Pot Holes


Hickory Hill – 2


Animal Control

Removed animal from Wal-Mart area – Per Humane Society request

Removed animal from the Springdale Rd. area

Picked up several animals from the Vet office

Picked up several dead animals city wide


Other Activities

Continuous removal of hard trash city wide – per units #105/#107

Assisted by #103/#13/#30 - #106 out of service for repairs

Litter pickup along primary routes:

Cherry St.

Porter St.

Perry St.

Elm St.

Oakland Ave.

Quarles Ln.

Plaza St.

Sebastian St.



Spray rig drained – washed out for winter storage on East side

Began cleanup of East side shop yard

Spread dirt deposited from curb cleaning and ditch digging

Hauled (2) loads of trash to landfill

Hard trash runs complete

Pushed dirt up in Washington St. Park

Cleaned shop


Begin short week – Hard trash runs pushed a day ahead for holiday

North Helena Park – began pushing up debris from inmates cleanup

Continuing cleanup efforts at East side shop

Removed all large piles/big stumps city wide – per #105

  Incl. –Franklin St./East shop/Paradise Cove/Hernando St./McDonough St@Walnut/Walnut St./Ashlar St.

DH Meeting missed – taking care of the inmates – over when I got a chance to report

Moved John Deere to East shop – stored in the old break area


E-Mail received – Spending Freeze Reminder

Submitted request for repair - Approved - Blue and White dump truck / Sanitation #29 put on same P.O.# for GoodYear

Inmates from Brickey's last day

Request submitted for pickup of #106 from Diamond International – Approved

     After hours – lights flashing – Wal-Mart @ 49 – Mills Electric called out for service


Driver sent to pick up #106 from Memphis

Placed 4-Way Stop @ Wal-Mart intersection


Follow Up Activities

127 Valley Dr.

Curbing cleaned city wide

Culvert repair – Oakland @ Valley Dr.

Traffic Loop repair – Oakland @ Valley Dr./242 @ 49/49 @ 49B


Staff Concerns











Gas Log


11/20       #30      26.6 Gal

11/20       #100    23.9 Gal

11/23       #103    18.6 Gal

11/23       #9         18.5 Gal

11/23       Box Shop truck     28 Gal

11/24       White Dodge         11.2

11/24        #101    13.6 Gal

11/24        #1         20.5 Gal

11/25        White Dodge        13.8

11/25        #30       22.1