Monday, November 16, 2009

Sanitation Five Year Plan

Sanitation Department

Five Year Progress Plan




To ensure that the Sanitation Director and the Sanitation Foreman work hand in hand on planning the duties of the department and executing their functions.


Year One 2010

Increase the productivity of the Sanitation Department by efficiently picking up trash, starting the routes on time and following the routes designated design.

Insuring that the vehicles are properly maintained and serviced preventing break downs, or in the event of break downs make sure the problem is promptly accessed in case parts need to be ordered.

Developing a strategic order for the Demolition Department enabling us to keep up with the demand that Code Enforcement and the Planning Commission has for razing dilapidated structures.

Taking our recycling efforts to a higher standard, whereas more paper is bundled in a quicker time frame allowing us to ship out more loads per months, provided the market is at a decent scale.

Following up with ADEQ is also a major concern. After our waste audit was conducted it was found that we had enough salvageable plastics in the routine sample that we could qualify for Federal Assistance, to help us acquire the building and the sorter.

The completion the bid process for acquiring a new refuse truck to replace unit 25 is a major concern. It has been a part of the department since the early Weaver Administration.

Servicing the heavy equipment on a routine basis is a major priority as well as continuing the lease up dates.

The purchase of some additional commercial dumpsters is an issue we plan to address within this years scope of work.

We plan to purchase a new supervisors truck for the department giving us one additional truck to be used in the field.


Year Two 2011

In the second year we would like to start a search for bids to make conservative trade- in deals on the oldest of the refuse trucks. These trucks make a number of mechanical functions to dump just one cart and each truck dumps an average of 365 carts per day.

After the first truck has been acquired we plan to make a good trade for the next three years.

Planning and coordination with ADEQ should be complete at this time and if all goes well we should have our plastics recycling efforts off the table and in operation. We plan to purchase recycle bins for each residence and establish pick up days and routes. For collection of the plastics we will utilize one of the department trailers. Our proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase a more suitable vehicle in an effort to increase our productivity.

In the year of 2011 with our new found efficiency we plan to purchase a roll off refuse truck and 4 containers, including a 20 yard, 30 yard and 2 40 yard containers. This will increase our Sanitation Revenue allowing us to collect industrial and construction commercial waste.


Year Three 2012

In the year 2012 plans continue to purchase and replace the existing refuse trucks. Our efficiency at this time should be showing a peak performance. This will allow us to keep up with the demands of trash collection at a more effective rate having another new truck and two that are still practically new. Also in this year we have plans to trade the smallest of our dump trucks. The red and white Chevrolet is an early 90's model truck and the life expectancy of the vehicle will be past the productivity level we need.

The acquisition of a new commercial truck will in this year allow us to keep up with our commercial needs for trash collection.


Year Four 2013

During the year 2013 plans to acquire three new pick up trucks will be one of our major request. Most of the pick up trucks in our fleet are vehicles passed down from other department s. The lease to purchase option on our back hoe matures this year and we need to make a trade to keep up with the shared demands that Sanitation and Streets along with assisting other departments has put on the machine.

The acquisition of our fourth refuse truck should be transacted in this year giving our department a good fleet of truck for the next few years to come allowing us to keep up with the growing demand of trash collection.

Plans to trade our next commercial truck we complete our fleet giving us the availability to keep up with the demands of our local trash collection as well as our contracted areas.


Year Five 2014

Now that are basic equipment has been replaced we turn our attention to our heavy equipment. The track hoe and the dozer we now have in service will be at depreciation of less productivity than we could use to keep up with our demolition schedule. Our plans are to make good trade for both pieces of equipment and acquire new lease to purchase options.

The blue and white dump will also be one of pieces of equipment we plan to trade this year, for a new truck of comparable size and capabilities.




With these objectives in place the Sanitation Department will be able to meet all of the modern day demands of trash and refuse collection we face on a daily basis. As well as staying in touch with the growing demand to recycling. With these accomplishments in place the Helena –West Helena Sanitation Department will be one of the best in the state.