Friday, November 6, 2009

SRT weekly report November 2-6, 2009


Special Response Team

Weekly Report

November 2 – November 6, 2009


This week the Special Response Team conducted training every night this week for an Active Shooter response. We had classroom training along with practical exercises. Our classroom training consisted of extensive power point presentations on incidents that have occurred during the last few years at schools and universities. The practical exercises were conducted at our local high school.

Everyone remembered the incident at Columbine, but there have been over 80 more incidents that didn't get the recognition that Columbine did. Does anyone remember Jonesboro and the school shootings there. There was one at Beslan that claimed the lives of 300 young students. Just because this happened overseas does not mean it won't happen here. I am not trying to scare anyone but the possibility is here.

Thursday evening at Ft. Hood, Texas, there were 13 people killed and 30 injured from a Major at Ft. Hood. This shows that it can happen anywhere. On the news it was told that the Police and not the Army handled the situation, and it is to my understanding that a female officer took the gunman down.It is my goal to make sure we have a Team that is prepared for such incidents and are willing to put their lives on the line to save innocent lives such as our young at school. The S.R.T. will continue to train in this area until we have everyone on the Team trained for all aspects of the incident at hand (cross training).

We will be training in the area of our schools first then we are going to train for different areas such as Wal-Mart, the Mississippi River bridge, City Hall and the County Jail just to name a few areas we need to be trained in. We are still going to work saturations and assist Patrol when needed.

We have received our camouflage BDUs and will be training in our uniforms and when we respond to incidents and saturations. Having these matching uniforms has lifted the spirits of our Team.






Wants and Needs:

We still have officers that don't have bullet proof vests, these are a necessity as each situation we encounter is a potentially deadly one. We also need police handheld radios for all officers when we are on saturations and on call outs, as we are having to chase more bad guys on foot and we need contact with the officers in the chase. There will come a time that we will be in the need for diversionary devices (flash bangs, breeching rounds for shotguns, gas grenades and other less lethal weapons), and we need to be trained in the use of these items. Sgt. Bivens is a certified instructor in less lethal weapons. We just need to order these devices and train with them.



Future plans:

We are going to continue training for an Active Shooter response and since the Wal-Mart threat we are discussing IED training. Train with flash bangs and gas.















Sgt. Tommy Bivens

S.R.T. Troop Commander


Cpl. Dennis Cox

S.R.T. Team Leader