Wednesday, December 30, 2009





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan

Date: 1-5-10


Weekly Activities:

Monday 12-28-09

Begin the regular Lakeview trash route at 1:00pm

Ran the Friday's trash route from the following week's holiday schedule

Replaced the hopper light on unit 26

Picked up 6 yard dumpster from 110 N. 2nd and returned it to the yard

Changed the oil and filter as well as the sparks plugs on the Ford F-150 Foreman's truck

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Watson Flowers and Central High

The Slayter Company picked up 28 bales of processed paper for purchase. This brings the total to 56 bales sold to Slayter

Total tonnage taken to Landfill from Wednesday 39.43 week of 12/21-12-25-09

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 53.84 this included Friday's route


Tuesday 12-29-09

Begin the regular trash route at 4:00am

Replaced oxygen sensor on Ford F-150, Foreman truck

Replaced the air valve on unit 21

Delivered carts to 818 Ohio, 320 S. 6th and 939 Alabama cart was replaced

Picked up boxes from Sonic , Pit Stop, Wendy's, Family Dollar and Juengel Interiors

Mills Electric installed lights on the front on the building

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 44.66


Wednesday 12-30-09

Begin the regular trash route at 4:00am

Replaced the starter on unit 29

Took unit 29 to Smith's Custom Welding to repair the rear lift gate and closing plates and pins

Replaced four tires on the back of unit 30 and one was ordered for the front

Delivered 8 yard Dumpster to 300 Prairie

Goodyear repaired a flat on the fork lift

Picked up a cart from 41 Edgewood Circle

Picked up boxes from Sonic , Corner Market, Wendy's, Phillips College, Conoco and West Helena Furniture

Continued to process paper collected during the week

Total tonnage taken to Landfill


Thursday 12-31-09

Begin the regular trash route at 2:00am in an effort to collect Thursday and Friday's trash due to the Holiday closing schedule, we ran a skeleton crew only


Friday 1-1-10

Closed for New Year's Day


Follow Up Activities:

Writing estimates for Code Enforcement

Planning the water control project for South Washington St.

Working on vehicle maintenance logs

Checking the status of unit 25 with River City Hydraulics

Finalizing the plans for the next electronic waste collection with ADEQ


Future Activities:

Purchasing a new refuse truck

Working on plans for the Sims ditch project

Continuing to sell the processed paper

Razing dilapidated structures

Creating file system for maintenance logs

Working with ADEQ on plastic recycling



Staff Concerns:

No major staff concerns at this time