Saturday, December 26, 2009

Street Department DHR Report -12/28/09

Street Department DHR Report -12/28/09


Department: Department Street


Date: 12/18/2009 - 12/25/2009


Prepared By: Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities;





Boosted Sanitation unit #25 for trip to Little Rock (River City Hydraulics) - unit needs new batteries.

Went to Police station -98 Plaza- to air tires on units 14 and 4.

Checked unit #403 for transmission fluid leak.

Filled Dog Catcher truck with transmission fluid.


C. Davis off - Vacation 12/21 - 12/23

Moved dozer to Rifle Range (checked fluid levels before moving)

Put air in tires - unit # 107 - checked air brake tanks - drained. Unit needs excessive time for air brakes to come to service levels in cold weather.


Took Backhoe to Rifle Range for assistance with stuck Dozer. Still could not be moved - took Excavator to Rifle Range to move stuck Dozer.

Returned all equipment to Sebastian shop - Excavator, Backhoe, Dozer.

Repaired leak - unit # 403.

Added antifreeze to unit # 1 - Coolant light on.


Pulled Black Tahoe to Sebastian shop - unit failed at Sebastian & Quarles Ln.

Ordered fuel pump and ACC relay for Black Tahoe - unit still blows relay switch.

Repaired # 107 - hydraulic hose failure.




Holiday (Christmas)




White rock placed at several locations

Waiting on proper information on blue and white dump truck to travel to Batesville for Cold Mix.



Animal Control:


Several dead animals removed from roadways:

Oakland Ave.

Plaza St.

Springdale Rd.


1330 College - animal was not able to be found.

900 block Anderson - citizen had animal chained to pole with lock.

12/23 removed all dead animals from Vet office - call-in request. All taken to landfill.


Other activities


Continuous removal of Hard Trash and debris throughout the city.

Routes advanced to cover entire city within scheduled work days.

Routes will be monitored for excessive hard trash and debris during scheduled days off.

Liter pickup along primary routes:




Oakland Ave.



Quarles Ln.





Cleaned drains throughout the city. # 30, #13, # 103


Continued to get fleet and equipment placed on the new Maintenance Logs

Stop sign replaced - knocked down by vehicle - Kentucky @ Sioux.

Placed -Relay for Life- sign at the Helena Bridge.

Mills Electric - serviced 4-way lights at 4th and Anderson.

Womack escorted Sanitation unit # 25 to Little Rock for service at River City Hydraulics.

- Technician advises that unit needs actuator (missing) and service to joystick.


Began advanced Hard Trash runs.

Brickey's Inmates - no show - prison emergency.

Womack - photoed debris on Biscoe - property cleanup - large piles of debris. (Owner will be contacted)

Began updating Fixed Asset Report - checked current fleet, equipment, and machinery.

DH Meeting - short - some members absent.


Inmates here - Worked on ditch along Quarles Lane. (Meals provided by Corner Market)

Assisted with rifle range project - Dozer stuck.

Continued work on Fixed Asset Reports

Issued early payroll - Mayor's Directive



½ Day work Schedule

Delivered barrels to Naomi Cottoms - Phillips @ Walnut / Missouri @ Walnut.

- Street blocked for food give-a-way.

Checked with Diamond International - ref. to #105. They are still working on the unit.

Met with Mayor / Victor / T.A. - concerning outside work on city vehicles.

Finished Fixed Asset Report - Verified status on all vehicles, equipment, and machinery as it relates to insurance and registration.

- Several will need to be added to the insurance

- Several will need to be removed from the insurance

- Several need proper registration


Follow up Activities:

127 Valley Dr.

Hackberry overgrowth (Inmates next worksite)

Several Traffic Loops on Oakland and Hwy. 49


Staff Concerns:

John Lemaire will retire on December 31st. A gathering has been scheduled for December 30th, at noon @ city hall. (226 Perry St.)


Street Department Gasoline Log


12/18/09 - 12/25/09


Date: Unit # Gallons Receiver


12/18/09 1 17.5 E. Womack ( Little Rock trip)

12/21/09 103 21.1 R. Smith

12/21/09 13 14 L. Driver

12/21/09 Box Shop truck 25.3 M. Holbrook

12/21/09 101 21.4 J. Huff

12/21/09 30 26.6 E. Butler

12/22/09 Admin. Vehicle 21.4

12/23/09 101 12.8 J. Huff

12/23/09 1 22 E. Womack