Saturday, May 16, 2009

stolid: Word of the Day Word of the Day

Word of the Day for Saturday, May 16, 2009

stolid \STOL-id\, adjective:

Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited.

Normally stolid, she occasionally joined in the frequent applause and smiled along with the laughter at the high-spirited session.
-- Seth Mydans, "Indonesia Leader Imposes a Decree to Fight Removal", New York Times, July 23, 2001
The inherent irrationality of markets was first demonstrated in the 17th century, when the normally stolid Dutch population was seized by a tulip craze that caused the people to pay insane prices for a single bulb.
-- Robert Reno, "Analysis: A market that rides on bubbles", Newsday, August 7, 2002
Ulster Protestants are a slow, stolid, quiet, decent, law-abiding people, unstylish and unfashionable.
-- John Derbyshire, "Paisley Goes to Washington", National Review, March 15, 2001

Stolid derives from Latin stolidus, "unmoving, stupid." Entry and Pronunciation for stolid

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Code Enforcement Report DHR May 18, 2009

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

May 11, 2009 – May 15, 2009


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                 May 18, 2009

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities


·        Contacted DHHS/Workforce regarding Day Care Centers

·        Spoke with Bruce Hudson regarding Dinan St.

·        331 S 5th – Property Lawn Care

·        315 S. 6th St. – demolished and Cleaning Up- continuing

·        Towing and citing of Vehicles List- Updated

·        Attended Court- CR Walker case

·        Collecting information regarding fire in Sanitation trash truck- Pending

·        638 Kentucky- Contacted Ms. James- Pending Resolution

·        Gathering information regarding burned out houses in city

o       Collecting information regarding Burned Homes- Per Mayor Valley


Complaints by Citizens


·        Parkdale St.-Illegal Candy Store

·        101 Waverly Wood. -Fallen Tree- notified

·        1207-1219 Cherry St.-

·        Alley 8th and 9th St.- Roy Manning

·        21 Lincoln Ct- overgrown property

·        838 Georgia St.- Overgrown lot needs cutting

·        Various Complaints of Dogs at Large x 7

·        Lot 5 Block 50- lot needs cutting

·        Larry St.- Grass btwn 303 and 401 Porter- btwn fence and street


Cited Vehicle


·        Updated/Checked list


Mailed Postcards


·        116/118 Paradise Cove- Jesse Pace

·        251 Coanza St S-Jeanette Smith

·        338 S. 8th St- John Brownlee

·        909 Pecan St.- Kids for the Future

·        907 Pecan St.- Nivar Delone

·        1121 College St.- Larry Delk

·        708 Walker St- Brenda Haymer

·        804 Beech St.- Thomas Brandon

·        810 Beech St.- James Sims

·        1025 Poplar St- William Robbins

·        309 N 8th St- Maggie & Teddy Petrie

·        414 Kentucky St.- Jessie Hollowell

·        507 Kentucky St.- Jerry Robertson

·        647 Cooke St.- Jimmy Shirley

·        331 S 5th St.- Viola Adell Lawrence

·        420 Valley Dr- Noble Hays

·        1158 Ohio St.- Miron Billingsley

·        Lot 27 West Acres- Clearview St.- Waters Lumber Co

·        Lot 1-3; 5-9 Corner Anderson btwn 2nd & 3rd St.- Water Lumber Co.

·        141/143 Anderson Ave- Jamie & Glenda Woods

·        214 Bart St.- W & L Realty Co.

·        238 Bart St.- Joseph Denison

·        1020 First St.- Lena White

·        Lot 603 Old Helena- Thompson Place Farming

·        Lot PT 277 Old Helena- Carrie Goins

·        1235 Poplar St.- Author Miller



·        Dodge Charger- White 2008

o       Being used by Police Dept.

·        Chevy Impala- 2000

o       None

·        GMC Truck

o       5/13/09- $ 42.00


·        $19.20

Letters Mailed


·        55/57 Plaza St.- Morris Walter Bennette J

·        871 Old Hwy- Florence Brown

·        863 Old Hwy – Florence Brown

·        301 Ladino -CR Walker

·        251 Desoto – CR Walker

·        301 Ladino- Elton Thomas

·        1009 First St, Helena- Robert Mooney

·        Old Little Rock Rd- Sammie Fonzie (Inv)

·        645 Seminole St.- William Farrell


Lots with piles of debris


·        141 Center St.

·        138 S. 6th St.- In Process of Clearing and Cleaning

·        727 Pecan St.

·        462 Washington St.

·        207 S. Sam St.

·        200Blk Jane St.

·        817Blk Cherry St

·        510 W. Park St.

·        202 Madison St.

·        216 Beech St.

·        Joe Brady Dr.


Abandoned House List for Planning Commission- Submitted


·        602 Kentucky – Adail Lillie Dunlap

·        252 West Wood Pl.- Alfred & Michele Kines

·        503 Biscoe- John Palmer

·        330 S. 6th St- Charles Graham

·        1114 Porter St. – Mayweather & Bailey

·        311 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        315 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        353 Prairie St.- Roger & Janet Sanchez

·        812 Elm St.- Carrie Kelly

·        180 Dennis Dr.- Jerry & Linda Teague


Lien or Affidavit Issued


·        None


Future Weekly Activities


·        City Council meeting- May 19, 2009


Follow-up Activities


·        Continue to address Non complaint properties

·        Focus on Lots and clean up efforts

·        Mail out Postcards and Canvassing neighborhoods

·        Meet with neighborhood watch organizations

·        Propose adopting of Mechanical ordinance- Per City Attorney


Staff Concerns


·        Code Enforcement Software- Iworqs

·        Training and Testing


Work Order Request Form (WORF) Report


·  Lot 5 Block 50 – Corner of West Park and Hwy 49

·  181 Oakland Ave- Lot 40 Elsessor Sub -Titus Property

·  830 Pecan St.- Corner of Miller and Pecan

Police (DHR) May 18, 2009


Date: May 18, 2009
Reporting Dates: May 8-13, 2009
Prepared By: Office Manager / Records

Crime Data
Disturbance: 52
Burglary: 07
Stolen Vehicle: 00
Escort: 16
Alarm: 09
Call for Police: 28
Missing Person: 00

Communication Center:
Dispatch / Call Intake
Landline: 3,052
911: 759

Officer Contacts:
Tickets: 43
Arrest: 23
Warrants: 07
Affidavit: 14
Reports: 57
Accidents: 03
Building Checks: 422
Officer Response / Contacts: 525

D.W.I.: 01
Suspended D/L: 05
Possession of Control Substance: 01
Speeding: 14
Loud Music: 08
Seat Belt: 09
Stop Sign Violation: 05
No Vehicle Registration: 01
Warning Tickets: 11

Officers/ Weekly Gas Report:

Bond & Fine:

Vehicle / Repairs / Fleet Management:

Specific Weekly Report:
Community Event / Career Day/ West Side School/ May 15
Community Event/ Tourism Day / Welcome Center /May 15 / Security

Future Weekly Activities:
Community Event / Central Graduation / May 22 / Security
Community Event / Class of 2009 / Dance /Community Center/ May 22/ Security
Community Event / Gospel Fest / May 23 / Security

Shift 1 / Target Areas:
07 Citations
08 Disturbances
21 Building Checks
11 Traffic Stops

Shift 2 / Target Areas:
11 Citations
28 Disturbances
02 DWI
08 Misd Arrest
05 Misd Warrants
110 Building Checks

Shift 3 / Target Areas:
09 Citations
08 Disturbances
03 Misd Arrest
02 Misd Warrants
01 Felony
20 Traffic Stops
121 Building Checks

Shift 4 / Target Areas:

09 Citations
08 Disturbances
07 Misd Arrest
20 Traffic Stops
170 Building Checks

Staff Concerns:
Police/ Copier/ Computer
Dispatch Center/ Eastside/ Computers/ Radio Room
Clerical/ Warrants/ System for Scanning (Documents)

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Office Of Investigations Weekly Report

DATE: May 15, 2009 Month of May 08-14, 2009
Investigators are currently investigating the Aggravated Robbery of Sears Appliance Store where one individual was injured. There are suspects in question but no arrests have been made at this time.
Investigators are currently investigating the Aggravated Robbery of Big Time Rentals. There was one arrest made in the case and a large sum of money recovered. The subject arrested is being held in the Phillips County Jail with a bond amount pending.
Investigators are currently investigating the Attempted Aggravated Robbery of Subway where there were no injuries or monetary losses. There was one arrest made in the case and that subject is being held in the Phillips County Jail with a bond amount of $100,000.00.
None Reported this Week
None Reported this Week
Investigators are currently investigating the Arson of a burned vehicle where no individuals were injured. There are suspects in question but no arrests have been made at this time. This investigation is still pending.
Investigators made two arrests on Commercial Burglary Charges in the Tate County MS Incident and both subjects are awaiting extradition in the Phillips County Jail with a bond of $100,000.00.
Det. Dennis Cox- scheduled to attend CID 2 course and Tactical Officers course training
Sgt. Covington to attend Training Officer’s Development course
Develop and Implement Tip Line
We have began saturation efforts to combat random gun fire, drug sales and loitering in residential areas
Working with surrounding agencies to end the ring of commercial burglaries
Developing a strategic plan to combat the sudden influx of aggravated robberies
A Plan to Address City’s Issues of Aggravated Robberies and Commercial Burglaries
Off- site recording for The Office of Investigations
Additional Training for the Division
Promotions & Raises
Networking for East and West Precincts
Address City’s problem areas.
Criminal Investigation Division fuel Purchased for the week of May 8-14, 2009

Investigator Date Gallons Fuel Usage Cost
Roy Covington Sr. 05/08/2009 16.7 Gal. @ $2.39 $40.09

Dennis Cox 05/08/2009 12.27 Gal. @ $2.19 $27.00
05/12/2009 13.6 Gal. @ $2.19 $30.00

Michael Thomas 05/14/2009 16.0 Gal. @ $2.23 $36.00

Chanta Mansfield n/a n/a n/a

TOTAL 58.57 gallons $133.09

East Department Weekly DHR 5/18/09

East Water Weekly Report  5/18/09
Weekly Department Report
Date: 5/15/09
Prepared by: Terry McGinister
Specific Weekly Activities  5/08/09 - 5/14/09
Monthly meter reading
Checked lift stations
Unstopped sewer at Miller, Pecan, Market, Arkansas, and Old Little Rock Road
Unloaded chemical truck at the plant
Unstopped storm drains in West Helena
Replaced angle valve at Circle Drive
Replaced sump pump at lift station #3
Replaced 2" inch water line at Lithicum Street
Cut grass around plant and lift stations
Repaired pump #2 and #3 at lift station #1
Future Weekly Activities
Replace suction valve and pump at lift station #3
Follow up Activities
Finish putting riprap on levees at the ponds, finish installing by pass hook up at the remaining lift stations and rehab lift station #9
Staff Concerns/ Issues
Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses


SANITATION WEEKLY JOURNAL 05-18-09                                                                                         SANITATION DEPARTMENT                                                                                             PROGRESS REPORT                                                                                                                                Specific Weekly Activities                                                                                             Monday 5-11-09                                                Ran Lakeview trash route                                        Picked up several boxes                                            Cleaned out ditches at Washington, Panama, Fairview, Westwood                     Guthrie, Center & Anderson                                        Repaired door on # 25 for leakage                                    Replaced belt on # 28                                            Carried # 26 to Memphis/Scruggs Equipment for repair                                                                            Tuesday 5-12-09                                                Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                All employees attended mandatory safety meeting                            #26 out of service                                                                                            Wednesday 05-13-09                                                Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Truck #27 out of service/motor problems                                Truck #25 out of service/leakage problems                                Placed safety corridor around property on Porter Street            `                Had welder to repair Truck #25                                        Had #27 towed off road to shop in Marianna for repair                                                                            Thursday 5-14-09                                                Truck #25 back in service                                        Truck #27 & 26 out of service                                        Ran regular residential and commercial trash routes                            Truck #29 had lift repaired by welder                                    Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Delivered several cans to residents                                                                                    Friday 5-15-09                                                    Ran regular residents and commercial trash routes                            Picked up several boxes for recyling efforts                                Trucks # 26 & 27 still out service                                        Delivered several cans to residents                                    Checked on status of trucks in various shops ( #26 & #27)                        Ordered motor for Dodge Pickup                                    Ordered Transmission for Chevy Suburban                                Ordered Transmission for Plymouth Van                                    Ordered new safety vest with reflected colors                                                                        

Street Dept Report 5/18/09STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT – 5/18/09



Department: Street Department


Date: May 8-14, 2009


Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:




Replaced belt on Sanitation unit 30

Replaced wheel bearing on Police unit 30

Worked on Street unit 103 brake and signal lights


Replaced wiper blades on Sanitation unit 21

Replaced belts and tightened bolts on Sanitation unit 28

Repaired hose on Street unit 106

Worked on door of Sanitation unit 25

Replaced door catch on Street unit 13


Changed oil in 4 Police units

Replaced hydraulic hose in Street unit 107

Cleaned up mud slide in Poplar alley

Replaced passenger door hinge pin in Street unit 13


Changed oil in 3 Police units

Checked Sanitation unit 27 (broke down at intersection of Newman Dr & Stringtown Rd)

Replaced drive shaft in Street unit 107

Welded and sealed under carriage of Sanitation unit 25

Scott Mechanic Shop in Marianna checked Sanitation unit 27

White Towing in Forrest City towed Street unit 27 to Scott Diesel Repair


Worked on lights of Police unit 13

Changed oil in Police unit 18

Cut up tree in alley between Poplar and College

Installed bearing in Police unit 18

Checked lift arm on Sanitation unit 29 (Smith Welding repaired arm)

Worked on brake booster Street unit 107



300 block Phillips-1

1100 block Pecan-2

500 block Pecan-4

800 block Poplar-6

East Park-6




Animal control:

Removed numerous dead animals from streets and yards

Picked up three dead animals from vet



Other activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

            Rightor St

Walnut St.

            Cherry St.

            Porter St.

            Perry St.

            Elm St.

Franklin St.

            Oakland Ave.

            Quarles Lane

            Plaza St

Phillips St



Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Assisted Sanitation with cart pickup and removal

Replaced white rock at Ridgemont washout


Call out-tree down on Jordan St and Spruce St


Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Assisted Sanitation with cart pickup and removal

Cleaned ditches at Alabama & Memphis St

Unblocked drain at Panama & Washington St assisted by East side Water Co

Removing dirt and debris from drains in No Helena-McDonough, Franklin, Beech, Ohio, Cherry, Market, and Poplar


Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Assisted Sanitation with cart pickup and removal

Filled in washout in Market alley behind River Road Restaurant

Filled in two washouts behind Beechwood Apartments

Attended safety meeting conducted by the State

Started weed-eating Oak Grove Cemetery


Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Assisted Sanitation with cart pickup and removal

Replaced street sign at Honeysuckle Lane

Blew out drain the corner of Walnut & Market behind R & J Daycare

Repaired two sink holes at So Valley Dr


Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Assisted Sanitation with cart pickup and removal

Removed one load of dirt from the Garden of Eden

Took photo of damaged drain at corner of Pecan & Perry (construction crew will repair)

Removed loose pavement from St Patrick St

Continued working on storm drains in No Helena

Weed-eating around various stop signs on west side of town


Future Weekly Activities:

Washout on Wire Rd near Magnolia Cemetery

Old Dominion drainage

Ditch at Center St behind TIC


Follow Up Activities:

Cover ditch Ladino and Baringo

Sidewalk-100 block Coanza


Staff Concerns/Issues:

Telephones for Street and Sanitation offices (multiple lines)

Woodrow Wilson medically unable to return to work








Week of 5/8-14/09














E Womack


Zero Turn


E Butler




R Smith




O Hoskins




E Butler




J Lemaire




T Bryant