Saturday, May 30, 2009

taciturn: Word of the Day Word of the Day

Word of the Day for Saturday, May 30, 2009

taciturn \TAS-uh-turn\, adjective:

Habitually silent; not inclined to talk.

On stage she seemed to become transformed, and the contrast was even more noticeable given her shy, taciturn character, shrouded in the impalpable veil of gloom that always surrounded her.
-- Pino Cacucci, Tina Modotti: A Life
A balding, stocky, taciturn man who wore glasses, he gave an impression of distance and seriousness.
-- "Diana's Driver: Unsettling Piece in a Puzzle", New York Times, September 21, 1997
In the company of even his close literary and political friends he was shy if not taciturn.
-- "Passionate voice of the press", Irish Times, November 4, 1997

Taciturn comes from Latin taciturnus, from tacere, "to be silent." Entry and Pronunciation for taciturn

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Code Enforcement Report DHR June 1, 2009

May 25, 2009 – May 29, 2009

Code Enforcement Weekly Report


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                 June 1, 2009

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities


·        339 S. 6th- Request Extension for Razing.

·        315 S. 6th St. – demolished and Cleaning Up- continuing

·        CR Walker case- hand delivered contract to Walker's Attorney

·        Willie Thornton request extension for 1311 Perry St.

·        Collecting information regarding fire in Sanitation trash truck- Pending near completion

·        Gathering information regarding burned out houses in city

o       Collecting information regarding Burned Homes- Per Mayor Valley


Complaints by Citizens


·        Alley Btwn 8th  & 9th St- Needs Cleaning

·        Lot on Georgia Street- Overgrown

·        21 Lincoln Ct- overgrown property pending resolution

·        Various Complaints of Dogs at Large x 9

·        Lot Corner Park and Parkdale St.-Overgrown

·        James Carter- 109 S. Ashlar St.- Water Carwash x 3


Cited Vehicle


o       None


Mailed Postcards


·        Lot 42 Glendale Sub- 7th St.- Joyce Fleming

·        620 Park St.-Lewis & Jeannie Chappell

·        627 Park St. – Lot 1 Block 12-Wayne Anderson








·        Dodge Charger- White 2008

o       None

·        Chevy Impala- 2000

o       None

·        GMC Truck

o       5/19/09- $ 51.76



·        $2.43

Letters Mailed


·        None


Lots with piles of debris


·        141 Center St.

·        138 S. 6th St.- In Process of Clearing and Cleaning

·        727 Pecan St.

·        462 Washington St.

·        207 S. Sam St.

·        200Blk Jane St.

·        817Blk Cherry St

·        510 W. Park St.

·        202 Madison St.

·        216 Beech St.

·        Joe Brady Dr.


Abandoned House List for Planning Commission- Submitted


·        602 Kentucky – Adail Lillie Dunlap- pending review

·        723 Bennett- Lisa Terry

·        503 Biscoe- John Palmer

·        330 S. 6th St- Charles Graham

·        1114 Porter St. – Mayweather & Bailey

·        311 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        315 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        353 Prairie St.- Roger & Janet Sanchez

·        812 Elm St.- Carrie Kelly

·        180 Dennis Dr.- Jerry & Linda Teague- pending review


Abandoned House List for City Council – pending Submission


·        252 West Wood Pl.- Alfred & Michele Kines

·        503 Biscoe- John Palmer

·        330 S. 6th St- Charles Graham

·        1114 Porter St. – Mayweather & Bailey

·        311 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        315 Walnut- Robert Titus

·        353 Prairie St.- Roger & Janet Sanchez

·        812 Elm St.- Carrie Kelly


Lien or Affidavit Issued


·        None


Future Weekly Activities


·        Historic District Council meeting- May 28, 2009

·        Historic District Council Meeting- Special meeting

·        City Council Meeting- June 5, 2009


Follow-up Activities


·        Continue to address Non complaint properties

·        Focus on Lots and clean up efforts

·        Mail out Postcards and Canvassing neighborhoods

·        Meet with neighborhood watch organizations

·        Propose adopting of Mechanical ordinance- Per City Attorney


Staff Concerns


·        Code Enforcement Software- Iworqs

·        Office Space

·        Training and Testing


Work Order Request Form (WORF) Report


·  Stop Signs- Vandalized –Corner Walnut & McDonough

S.R.T. weekly report

Special Response Team

Weekly Report

 May 25 – May 29, 2009


1.      Sgt. Bivens conducted training for court security with Officer Charles Garrison. Officer Garrison will be working security for District Court on Thursday and Friday.

2.      An inventory of ammunition was conducted and the ammunition is being moved and stored in the walk-in vault in the front office.

3.      Sgt. Bivens  worked at the firing range cleaning up and checking the operations of several firearms. We are working on getting the range ready for yearly Officer firearms qualification..


                  Wants and Needs:


1.      Since our ammunition order from our state supplier is on back order, maybe

We should look at an alternative source that can supply readily. Some of these other sources have cheaper prices than the state supplier.                                  


                  Future plans:


1.      Qualify members of the SRT with handguns, shotguns and rifles on tactical firearms course.

2.      Begin tactical entry training with members.




Gas usage for week:

Black Crown Victoria: 14.4 gallons @ $2.39 a gallon for a total of $34.60


            Sgt. Tommy Bivens

            S.R.T. Troop Commander




Street Dept report 6/1/09



Department: Street Department


Date: May 22-28, 2009


Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:




Assisted in tearing down structure at 1108 Porter

Assisted with street lights on Oakland and Valley Dr

Repaired hydraulic line on Auto car and filled with fluid


Repaired arm on Sanitation unit 25

Assisted with debris removal on Porter St

Charged battery on bucket lift truck

Took rear end off of wrecked Police Dodge Charger


Repaired arm on Sanitation unit 26

Assisted with removal of debris on Porter St

Hauled dirt to Porter St

Installed rear end on Police unit 19

Repaired hydraulic line on auto car


Moved dozer and track hoe from Porter St to Liberty St

Repaired brakes on blue and white dump truck

Replaced battery on Street unit 1 pickup

Put lights on Sanitation unit 30

Worked on moving house on Liberty St

Installed tail light in Police unit 18



1000 block Porter-4

200 block No 4th-2

South Washington-2

600 block Kentucky-2

300 block Russ St-4


Animal control:

Removed numerous dead animals from streets

Picked up three dead animals from vet


Other activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

            Rightor St

Walnut St.

            Cherry St.

            Porter St.

            Perry St.

            Elm St.

Franklin St.

            Oakland Ave.

            Quarles Lane

            Plaza St

Phillips St



Assisted Sanitation with trash route and removal of carts

Repaired broken arm on Sanitation unit 25 (R Smith)


Goodyear repaired flat on Sanitation unit 21

Delivered trash cart to 212 Shelton Dr


Repaired washout at St Michael and Newman Dr

Assisted with debris removal on Porter St

Placed mosquito dunks in ditches with standing water throughout City


Continued debris removal and hauling dirt on Porter St  


            Sewer ponds East side

            Shoulders DeSoto & Park, Little Rock Rd & Lambert Dr, Sears Ln, Lohmans Ln

East and West center greens

            Edgewood Circle median

Installed Neighborhood Watch signs provided by citizens at Anderson at Roseland, Sunset at Forrest Hill, Sunset at Quarles, Old Dominion at St Jean, and 4th and Quarles

Refaced stop signs at St Jean at Old Dominion

Placed mosquito dunks in ditches with standing water throughout City



Finished West and East center greens

Lots at intersection of Perry and Porter

Corner lot Porter and Poplar

Helena Bridge

Rifle range

            Assisted P & R with Little League field, Gene Bearden and Cleo Dunning Parks

            Moore St East

            Baringo & Cleburne

            West St

            New Addition

            Beechcrest School ditch

            Welcome sign at Hwy 49

            Lot on Dinan St

            Firefighters Memorial




Future Weekly Activities:

Ditch at Center St behind TIC

127 Valley Dr


Follow Up Activities:

Cover ditch Ladino and Baringo

Sidewalk-100 block Coanza

Checking on engine for Sanitation unit 27


Staff Concerns/Issues:

Telephones for Street and Sanitation offices (multiple lines)







Week of 5/22-28/09














O Hoskins




L Driver




E Butler


Box Shop Truck


M Holbrook




E Womack




A Barry


Zero Turn


E Butler