Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Word of the Day for Saturday, August 8, 2009

travail \truh-VAYL; TRAV-ayl\, noun:

1. Painful or arduous work; severe toil or exertion.
2. Agony; anguish.
3. The labor of childbirth
4. To work very hard; to toil.
5. To suffer the pangs of childbirth; to be in labor.

For all his travails and tragedy, he remains boyishly delighted with all life has to offer.
-- F. Kathleen Foley, "Kron Returns With Spirited, Touching 'Ride' About Family", Los AngelesTimes, January 20, 2000
Every sport entails physical and mental travail, but the decathlon is a veritable factory of pain.
-- Rafer Johnson with Philip Goldberg, The Best That I Can Be
The author of the Book of Jeremiah, for example, notes the "cry of a woman in travail, the anguish of one bringing forth her first child, gasping for breath, stretching out her hands crying 'Woe is me!'"
-- Donald Caton, What a Blessing She Had Chloroform

Travail is from Old French traveillier, travaillier, from Vulgar Latin tripalium, "a three-staked instrument of torture," from Latin tripalis, "three-staked," from tri-, "three" + palus, "a stake." Entry and Pronunciation for travail

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Code Enforcement DHR 8-10-09

August 3, 2009 – August 7, 2009

Code Enforcement Weekly Report


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:     Aug 10, 2009

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities


·         Spoke with Torrence Thrower (501) 682-0740- Resolved pending faxing Landfill receipts

o   Requesting Landfill tickets-Faxed 8-7-09

·         Received list of lots to ID- per Street Dept.

o   Numbered List for Mowing & Code Enforcement  

·         1.)  Across Valley Beauty Shop

·         2.)  Across Pettis Memorial Church

·         3.)  Next door Pettis Memorial Nursery (Blue Building)

·         4.)  Lot next to Mrs. Simes (next to 338 S Washington)

·         5.)  Lot Behind 51 Lambert

·         6.)  Lot corner Park & Baringo

·         7.)  Lot in curve South & Washington/ Lot in curve across Gilcrest house South & Washington

·         8.)  Lot behind Willie B. Warren on Coanza

·         9.)  Lot on North side of 1219 Cherry St.

·         10.) Lot 300 Block South 5th St

·         11.) Lot corner Popular & Porter

·         12.) 500 Block Rightor behind Old Safeway

·         13.) 500 Block Rightor behind PC housing

·         14.) Corner York & Pecan

·         15.) 400 Block Elm (Southside) across from Credit Union

·         16.) 400 Block Elm (Northside) next to Credit Union

·         17.) 100 Block Frank Frost

·         18.) 200 Block St Francis at Arkansas (Southside)

·         19.) Corner lot Walker & Pecan (across from Walker store)

·         20.) Corner Pecan and Jefferson (Eastside)

·         927 Walnut- John Broome-Still Will clean lot -per contract

·         1920 Holly St. – Paid $50.00 on Contract

·         Maxine Johnson –Regarding signs- Referred to Planning Commission

·         Randy Gilbert- Regarding signs- Referred to Planning Commission

·         Home Daycare – Samika Gordon- Referred to Planning Commission

·         Received Check for razing of 1114 Porter St.- Paid $155.00





Complaints by Citizens


·         109 S. 10th Cats & Dogs – Resolved- Owner is cleaning and securing property

·         Dogs at Large on 400 Valley Dr.

·         Scoular property on Arkansas Short Mobil- Resolved

·         144 Military Rd.- Vines taking over house- Referred to Street Dept.

·         500 Block Arkansas and Pontotoc- Overgrown Lot

·         521 St. Jean- Overgrown Lot

·         Corner Arkansas and Columbia- Overgrown Lot

·         Betty Davis Lot 1- Corner of Oakland and Hickery Hill- cleaned Lot


Cited Vehicle


·         See Excel report




·         Dodge Charger- White 2008

o   $37.44

·         Chevy Impala- 2000

o   None

·         GMC Truck

o   $45.00


Letters Mailed


·         See Excel Reports



·         $3.52


Lots with piles of debris


·         141 Center St.

·         727 Pecan St.

·         462 Washington St.

·         207 S. Sam St.

·         200Blk Jane St.

·         510 W. Park St.

·         202 Madison St.

·         Joe Brady Dr.




Abandoned House List for Planning Commission – pending Submission


·         743 Aaron St.-  Jordan Redd Sr.


Abandoned House List for City Council – pending Submission


·         252 West Wood Pl.- Alfred & Michele Kines

·         503 Biscoe- John Palmer

·         330 S. 6th St- Charles Graham

·         311 Walnut- Robert Titus

·         315 Walnut- Robert Titus

·         353 Prairie St.- Roger & Janet Sanchez

·         812 Elm St.- Carrie Kelly


Lien or Affidavit Issued


·         None


Future Weekly Activities


·         City Council Meeting- 8-18-09

·         Code Enforcement Building Inspector Course- Aug 10-14 2009- Registered

·         Part-time Police Officer Training Class- Aug 17- Oct 23- Registered- Patrick Allen


Follow-up Activities


·         Continue to address Non complaint properties

·         Focus on Lots and clean up efforts

·         Canvassing neighborhoods

·         Meet with neighborhood watch organizations

·         Invoices for demolished properties

·         Proposed adopting of Mechanical ordinance- Per City Attorney






Staff Concerns


·         Office Space

·         Adopting of Mechanical Ordinance.

·         Training and Testing

·         Issuing Permits;  software and procedures

·         Ordering Uniforms-


Work Order Request Form (WORF) Report


·       144 Military Road- Overgrown Kudzu





Code Enforcement DHR 8-10-09

Case Date

Property Owner

Property Address



Assigned To


Group: Chapter 5.12- Maintenance of Real Property


Betty Jean Porter

N 6 TH. Street

Overgrown Lot


Joshua McIntosh



Harvey Titus & Betty L

1962 Holly

House has tree lim in it.& property clean up


Joshua McIntosh



John & Bobie Watson

207 Prairie

Overgrown lawn


Joshua McIntosh



Richard  Beckwith

1509 Cherry ST.

Lot overgrown


Joshua McIntosh



Wade B Mccarley

225 Prairie

Lawn Overgrown


Joshua McIntosh



Walnut Street Works

824 Walnut ST

Overgrown Lot


Joshua McIntosh



Walnut Street Works

824 Walnut ST.

Overgrown lot


Joshua McIntosh


Group Total: 7


Group: Chapter 6.04.03-.05 Confinement and running at large dogs


Joel Blue

1118 Columbia

Pit Bulls Running Loose


Joshua McIntosh


Group Total: 1


Total Records: 8