Monday, January 4, 2010

Street Department DHR 1/4/2010

Street Department DHR 1/5/10

Report Period        12/28/09 -12/30/09

Prepared By :  Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities



Repair – unit # 21 – levers sticking

Tune up - # 101 – oil, filter, plugs, wires changed, and throttle body cleaned.

Blower motor installed – Police unit #18

Started Black Tahoe ( still needs a new switch )


Installed oxygen sensor in unit 101

Replaced airline fitting in sanitation truck # 21

Repaired exhaust for dodge pickup (hanging)


Boosted all vehicles on the yard and repositioned them for better parking arrangement.

Cleaned the shop.

Installed cooling fan in police car.

Moved Salvage truck (red pickup – fire) outside for transport to salvage yard.


OFF - Holiday Schedule


HAPPY NEW YEAR  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


White rock placed in several locations -300 Block Quarles Lane/ Old Little Rock Road – Park entry area/ Anderson St. – 500 Block

Checked with Lehman Roberts – Plant closed for the Holidays.

Animal Control

Several dead animals removed from the roadways.  Coanza St./ South St./ Perry St.

Other Activities

Began Week two of the shortened work week – Holiday Schedule

All Street Crews assisted with holiday trash collection. (Trash around cans, dumpsters, roadside)

Street crews continued to collect hard trash and debris city-wide.

Litter pickup on primary routes: Perry, Porter, Cherry, Oakland Ave., Sebastian, Plaza, Quarles Ln., Walnut, Elm, and Phillips.

Drains cleaned throughout the city.


Replaced stop sign – Panama @ Washington.

Contacted Diamond International on unit #105 – all parts in and they are continuing to work on the truck.  Maybe finished Thursday or Friday.

Contacted River City Hydraulics – Unit #25 - waiting on parts.

Met with CPE concerning Baringo St. dig site.

Talked with Ken – Water Dept. – Concerning the use of a dump truck.

Loaded paper for transport to recycling center.


Met with Ken Weiland – Engineer's office – concerning drainage for Cherry @ York

  • Road will have to be excavated and problems remediated after an open assessment.                      

DH Meeting

Lehman Roberts closed for the holiday. ( Cold Mix )

Unit # 30 – Wheel bearing failure

Meet with City Clerk – concerning insurance for vehicles and equipment.  Brought all pieces up to date.

R&R Wrecker picked up Parks and Rec. Dodge truck to transport to transmission shop.

O. Hoskins – picked up plaque for John Lemaire retirement gathering.


Repaired trailer for # 103 – tire replaced

Began repair for green trailer – Wheel bearing assembly – Parts ordered.

Retirement meeting for John Lemaire held at city hall - noon

Follow Up Activities

127 Valley Dr. / Hackberry Overgrowth – Inmates next project/ Loop repairs for Oakland Ave. and Hwy. 49

Staff Concerns


Street Department Gasoline Log

Date:                           Unit #                                         Gallons:                                Receiver

12/28                           19   White Dually                      24                                         T. Collins

12/28                           103                                              18                                        R. C. Smith

12/29                           30                                                23.2                                      E. Butler

12/30                           19    White Dually                     26                                         T. Collins

12/30                            9                                                 18.1                                      O. Hoskins

12/30                            13                                               17                                          L. Driver