Thursday, January 21, 2010


Street Department Report – 1/25/10

Department: Street Department

1/15/10 – 1/21/10

Prepared by:
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities



Cleaned shop

Put brakes and rotors on police Dodge Charger – front and back

Repair - #101 – installed idle air control motor

Assisted with delivery and removal of cans


Off – Dr. King Holiday


Installed air valves on sanitation unit # 26

Took dozer to lot on First St. – cleanup – citizen request

Installed hydraulic hose on unit # 30

Continued to work on unit # 101

Assisted with changing bucket on backhoe

Put brakes and rotors on Black Tahoe


Installed battery on unit # 13

Transported street unit # 107 to Smith's Wielding shop for repair

Transported sanitation unit # 26 to Mayville

Serviced Blue and White GMC dump truck for road trip to Batesville to pick up cold asphalt mix

Took blue and white dump truck to Goodyear to have tire repaired
Repaired red and white dump truck – hung in gear – worksite repair


Repaired sanitation unit # 21 – Tail lights

Worked on CID Black Tahoe

Assisted with can delivery and removal

Assisted tow truck in removing sanitation # 30 from the mud

Repaired fan guard on sanitation unit # 28

Installed EMC on CID Black Tahoe



Quarles Ln. (3)/ So. 9th. / E. Cleburne (2)

Animal Control

Several dead animals removed from the roadways and transported to the landfill

Other Activities

Continuous removal of debris and litter throughout the city on designated trash routes

Drains cleaned throughout the city on 1/19 – 1/20 – 1/21

Litter pick up along primary routes of the city:

Perry/ Porter/ Plaza/ Sebastian/ Oakland/ Quarles Ln./Cherry/ Walnut/ Elm/ Phillips/ Rightor/ Franklin


Brickey Inmates worked on (2) worksites – College @ McDonough and Beech @ Walker

Staff meeting – Discussed MLK Parade participation/preparation/ driver for parade vehicle

Began ditch cleanout – per City Engineer – 200 block Ashlar St. / 200 block Coanza St. – changed backhoe bucket for better performance

R. Clark – off – Dentist appointment


MLK Parade – barrels set for roadblocks/ drivers and others in position for line-up/ parade/ barrel removal and cleanup after event


Brickey Inmates worked on Old Little Rock Rd. and beside Oak Grove Cemetery

DH Meeting

Continued with ditch cleanouts – 200 block Coanza St. / 200 Baringo St.

Womack traveled to Memphis to TAG Truck Center – parts for sanitation unit # 26


Staff meeting – Discussed uniforms and daily operation procedures

Citizen Request – repaired road cut on So.9th St. – school buses dodging and causing traffic delays

Ordered starter for sanitation unit # 25 from Truck Pro – will arrive 1/25

Grand Ave. – repaired damaged yard – Rosie Moss – covered area with white rock

Delivered (2) loads if pea gravel – North Helena Park – per- Oshea


Assisted with removal of sanitation init # 30 from roadside – stuck in the mud beside R&J Daycare

Blew culverts out on Anderson St. @ Center St. – behind the Burger Shack – assisted by fire dept.

R. Clark – emergency room visit – arm wounded by shattered glass – received (2) stitches




Follow-up/ Future Activities

Several traffic loops in highways – 49 @ 242/ Oakland Ave. @ Valley Dr. / 49 @ 49B/ Sebastian @ Plaza

127 Valley Dr.

Ditch behind Lincoln Ct. – Citizen request

Ditch needs clearing behind homes on Kentucky St.

Sulphur Springs Rd. needs overlay – natural springs damaging roadway

Staff Concerns/Issues


Street Department Gas Log

Date: Unit: Gallons: Receiver:

1/19 9 20.6 O. Hoskins

1/19 1 21 E. Womack

1/20 30 25.3 E. Butler

1/20 103 15.4 R. Smith

1/20 13 17.5 L. Driver