Monday, February 8, 2010

City Offices Opening at 8:00 a.m. and May Close Early (Before 4:30 p.m.) because of current precipitation and low temperatures

The City will be open today during regular business hours. Employees may exercise their rights under the Handbook's Inclement Weather Policy. At this time of this message, Helena-West Helena Schools are closed and KIPP Schools are open.



In the event City offices are open but an employee is unable to report to work due to inclement weather conditions, the employee may elect to use either annual leave or leave without pay.




In exceptional circumstances beyond the employee's control, such as weather causing hazardous conditions, the employee is required to contact his or her supervisor for instructions regarding job assignments for that particular work day. If an employee's department is open for business, the employee is expected to report for work. However, if in the employee's opinion, the conditions are too hazardous for him or her to get to work safely, he or she will have the option of taking the time off as a vacation day. Regardless of the situation, an employee is required to give his or her supervisor proper notice if he or she is unable to report for work.



Regular attendance is essential to the effective business operations, and the City of Helena-West Helena expects all of its employees to report to work on time and on a regular basis. Unnecessary absences and tardiness are expensive, disruptive and place an unnecessary burden on fellow employees, supervisors, City government as a whole and the taxpayers who receive City services. Should an employee be unable to report to work on time because of illness or personal emergency, he/she should give proper notice to his or her supervisor.


Excessive absences or tardiness, unexcused absences and tardiness, falsification of reasons for any absence or tardiness, absences/tardiness which form unacceptable patterns (i.e., regularly reporting late on Monday mornings or calling in absent on Fridays), or failing to provide proper medical documentation to support absences/tardiness may result in disciplinary action. "Proper notice" is defined by the City as notice in advance of the time an employee should report for work or no later than one (1) hour thereafter if advance notice is impossible.


An absence of an employee from duty, including any absence of one (1) day or part thereof, (other than an absence authorized by this personnel handbook or by law) that is not authorized in advance by the Department Head or the employee's supervisor will be deemed absence without leave. Such absence shall be without pay. A failure to show up for work or to call in and notifiy the supervisor or department head about an absence with in a reasonable time as set out in this handbook, shall be deemed a "NO SHOW - NO CALL" and therefore subject to immediate termination.


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