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Blanche Lincoln for US Senate
Dear James,

Just now, the United States House of Representatives voted to approve the Senate Health Insurance reform bill that I helped craft and which I supported last year. I now look forward to the President signing this historic legislation into law.

Even with its imperfections, this bill represents the most morally and fiscally responsible approach to health reform. I have fought for health care reform to reduce costs for small business owners and the self-employed so they can reinvest the savings in their companies and hire more workers.

I am pleased that we will now force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, preserve Medicare for future generations and reduce the deficit by more than one trillion dollars over the next 20 years.  I now look forward to ensuring that Arkansans benefit the most from health insurance reform.

I expect the misinformation campaign about the new law to continue and I also expect many of the attacks will be targeted against me, starting with my position on additional changes contained in a procedure called Budget Reconciliation. I cannot support the Reconciliation package devised by the House which includes matters unrelated to health care and employs a legislative process that wasn't subject to the same transparency and thorough debate that we used in the Senate.

We need to stand together in the weeks ahead and I want to take this moment to thank you for your comments and suggestions throughout this important debate.

With Arkansas Pride,

Blanche L. Lincoln

P.S. No one said that reforming health care would be easy.  I fought for common sense health insurance reform that would be good for Arkansas.  Now, I need you to stand with me today. Click here to contribute $5 or more to our campaign.  Together, we'll show the outside interest groups that we don't need their advice.
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