Thursday, March 25, 2010

Street DHR 3/29/10

Street Department report – 3/29/2010

Department: Street Department

Date: March 19 – March 25, 2010

Prepared By:
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities



Serviced the track hoe –checked all fluids, filters (ordered new oil filter), tightened lines, changed fuel filter

Serviced the track hoe truck and trailer – checked all fluids and cleaned filters, repaired air leak on the trailer

Replaced strainer on police unit # 804

Replaced hub on green trailer – got parts from Moro AR

Replaced hose from sanitation unit # 26


Removed cylinder from sanitation unit #28 and placed on unit #30 to keep the dumpster trucks rolling

Charged the battery on the forklift

Replaced headlight on police unit #16


Cleaned shop and began discarding unnecessary items – trash, old tool trays, out dated equipment

Repaired trailer lights on green trailer

Repaired brakes on Mercury Sable CID unit – air in brake lines removed


Repaired the white trailer – tire flat due to faulty valve stem

Repaired transmission fluid leak on sanitation unit # 21

Changed spark plugs on several weed eaters and blowers to prepare them for upcoming grass cutting season

Replaced air line on sanitation # 21



Replaced headlight in police unit # 16 – same headlight as previous repair – bulb faulty

Replaced brakes on sanitation unit # 29 and replaced bolts in the lift arm

Checked all fluids in the box shop truck – topped off the oil, water and transmission fluids

Repaired the packer system on sanitation unit # 26 – tightened lines and adjusted the actuator switch

Removed transmission from F-150 Mosquito rig truck – leaking transmission fluid – will not back up


2nd @ Baker – filled with white rock – utility cut

7th street – Graham plumbing has made a cut in the road – needs immediate attention – Victor contacted code enforcement

Animal Control:

Several dead animals picked up from the roadways and the vets office

Other Activities:

Continuous removal of debris from city along designated hard trash routes

Litter pickup and removal along primary routes of travel:

Perry, Porter, Oakland, Sebastian, Plaza, Biscoe, Cherry, Walnut


Finished hard trash runs – Womack and Jimmerson – Clarence on vacation


Two drivers off – sick

DH meeting cancelled until 3/29

Checked on reported illegal dumping @ the Bunge Corp. plant – removed several pieces of furniture and debris from the site

Began early hard trash runs – removed large pile of debris from Biscoe St. – (2) loader truck loads – Oscar will check on billing upon return

Crews cleaned all drains – designated areas on both sides of town

Attended turf training class @ Delta AHEC

Ray Curtis – Early off - LWP


Began Porter St. dig site – clearing ditches and water run-off pathways

Contacted Bobby Bell concerning the key to the backhoe – said he will return ASAP

Replaced tire on unit # 107


Contacted HR to evaluate allowed time off for several employees (R. Smith – no time left – he contacted Mayor's office with doctor's excuse – will return to work on 3/26 – Approved by Mayor)

Inmates here on Russell St. completing cleanup project – LT. Tyner found illegal substance on site – HWH Police Dept. dispatched to scene for removal and investigation of materials

Payroll change form submitted for T. Bryant – end of probation period -3/9

Removed pipes for the Valley Dr. project from the transport truck

Continued dig site @ Porter Ext. – drains cleared with the assistance of the HWH Fire dept. – high pressure hose from truck attached to drain blaster

Contacted Crawford Plumbing to repair broken sewer line – damaged during leaf removal @ Porter St. site – pipe on top of ground

Zero turn mowers taken to Parker Tire for service – (2) bad valve stems on front tires

Center greens mowed on the east side of town, North Ridge, and at the Bridge

Replaced a worn tire on the Kubota tractor - front


Drains cleared in designated areas

Checked the fuel tanks on east side – gas and diesel – per #70 inquiry

Follow Up Activities:

Need to repair ruts in rear of residences on 5th and 6th streets

Staff Concerns/ Issues:

Will speak to several employees concerning use of time off

Street Department Gas Log

March 19 – March 25

Date Logged By Amount Veh. #

3/19 A. Steward 21.7 804

3/19 M. Holbrook 22.6 box truck

3/22 R. Smith 22 103

3/23 A. Steward 14.9 804

3/23 E. Butler 25.6 30

3/23 L. Driver 18 13

3/24 E. Butler 7.7 Zero turns

3/24 E. Womack 18 1

3/25 H. Robinson 5.5 weed eaters

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